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The Guide to Write the Intro to a Research Paper Example

So, how many times you have re-submitted your research paper? Lost count of it, isn’t it?  However, your classmate seems to do it right every time. Are they really, such a struggle in student life? Stop sulking and read this, today.

What is a Research Paper?

Well, it is nothing but an extended essay. It is your viewpoint or argument on a topic of interest. An essay involves, writing your views on a specific subject. And a research paper presents what all experts around the globe have to say on a certain topic apart from your own viewpoint.It is an indispensable part of your academic life. It can take as many names and forms as you want it to be known by. It can be a dissertation, a thesis or a term paper. It can be any of these. Let us find out more about Intro to a research paper example.

Today, we will peek into the world of research writing and barge into the steps involved. Search websites for Intro to a research paper example. Are we ready? Yes, so it seems.

Steps to Write the Best Research Paper

Let us break it up. That will be really easy to understand.

  • Choosing a Topic –

That is half the work done. You need to choose an interesting topic, that can draw attention of the readers like a magnet. Well, you can’t do that? Simply, browse through the World Wide Web. The topic should be appealing to you as well. Otherwise, you will never research on it, in the first place. So, you can just forget impressing the reader and the professor, for that matter.

Unless and until, it is for a term paper, you can go with non-technical topics. That is, if you have the liberty to do so. Your teacher knows best, so always consult your teacher.

  • Now, you can start finding information on the topic, your zeroed down upon. Nowadays, it has become far easier than before. In the previous decade or so, we had to browse through endless journals and books from various libraries in and around the city. That was quite a task, isn’t it?

But, now things are pretty easy. Just switch on the internet connection of your computer and browse. You are sure to get endless information on the various views on the topic.And the variety of information you get is also mind-boggling. The Google is the best place to be these days. Look closely at the domain name extensions, for e.g. .edu, gov, org. These are all institutional sites that offer a bevy of information which is at the best, reliable. Always, check most recent activity on the websites; try to read the feedback pages. This will give you glimpse of the authenticity of the page.

Do not forget the age old modes of information. You can always go back to old school techniques, like the magazines, newspapers, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, yellow pages and publications.

Take notes, bookmark important sites of information and take printouts.  These will support your research papers.

  • Now the next step is to write the Thesis Statement. The statement is the point that you are trying to prove. It is a declaration of your thoughts, your beliefs. All your arguments for the paper will revolve around your thesis. You need to jot down your ideas and materials, before embarking on the journey to define your thesis statement. Do not emulate others in writing your thesis statement.

It should give the readers an idea of what they are to expect from the paper. The statement will help you in gaining a

strong hold on the topic, which you want, everyone to believe.

You must also answer the questions:

Does the thesis statement answer the questions for the assignment you are doing?

Try to find out more about opposing views.

Have you collected all the data for the point that you want to prove?

If, the answer to all these questions is ‘yes’, you are on your way.

  • Making an outline is the next important step. Here, you will need to create an organised structure for the research paper. The first page research paper should have the Title, the author’s name, University name, Publication date and year and not to forget the professor or guide, who is assisting you in doing this work.

Then you need to write a brief summary of what the paper has to offer. Then comes the introduction, then the body, materials and methods used in research methodology, results and findings, discussions, conclusions and statistical data. The statistical data can include pie charts, bar graphs and date tables. Refer to Intro to a research paper example for more details.

  • Now, you need to organize your data. Whatever, data you have collected so far needs to be categorised. You need to decide with proper reasoning, which data to put in which place. Opposing viewpoints and arguments also need some place in the research paper. This will assist you to take a better stand.

Abstain from copying any data, as that would mean Plagiarism and is a strict No-No. Always try to be original with your research work.

  • Now, you are already there, aren’t you? You seem to be in a good position now. Write the first copy. We can always omit and include ideas, later on. Present all your data in front of you and place them in respective areas. This will need revision, so you can just relax. You can make mistakes here.
  • The next step is revision. Check for errors, delete, re-organizes, re-state, replace. This is the time to do all of these. Use, the free grammar checker and proof reading software the internet has to offer.
  • Now, finally you have reached the last stage of your research paper. Now, you can type it and get it printed. Handwritten research papers are a passé.

Do you think, we missed anything? I don’t think so. We are on the right page.

Are you still sceptical about writing the research paper? Not quite! It seems. So, I will take you further. Is the introduction scaring you to bits? This is where many of us, falter. I will try to make it easy for you.

This is the prime part of your research paper. It will either compel your prospective reader or repel the individual. It should clearly state its offering. This is the best part, to make your point. After agreeing with you on this part, the reader, professor or any other person, will not get a clear chance to back up. This is good.

Intro to a research paper example

Your introduction should cover the following points:

  • It should state your research goals.
  • It should be original, without fail.
  • It should be able to explain the important terminologies.

This is just my view point; you can always expand on this. I will give an example from sample works today. The topic that I had worked on is “Exploring The Relationship Between Old Age and Overcoming Depression”. The sample Intro to a research paper example is given below.

Aging comprises of stages that begin with birth and continue throughout the life history of an individual. It shows the end period in the life cycle of a human;it’s a time when the individual looks back on his/ her life,on past accomplishments, disappointments and begins to near the end of the lifecycle. Adapting to the changes that accompany old age requires the person to be strong, disciplined and flexible and develop new adjustment skills to adapt to the changes the new era brings(Warnick, 1995).

Now, I will present the closing lines for the same Intro to a research paper example.

A study by Max et al. (2005) found out that the presence of interpreted loneliness brought about depression symptoms on mortality. Old age depression is connected with mortality only if feelings of loneliness are there. Depression is a problem that often accompanies loneliness and solitude.

Intro to a research paper example is thus an extremely important part of research paper writing.  It is to be taken care of, without any mistakes.

So, why do students score less marks in these papers?

  • The more you peek into your research paper, the more you will get confused. So, you have to stop at a point. You need to close all scrutiny. Then only, you can go to the next stage – submitting the paper.
  • You should look for more interesting reading material.
  • Do not move away from your topic. Stop getting distracted. This is most important.
  • Some students like you are unable to complete their research papers. I do not want to scare you;however, this is the case with many. Students like you lack grit and the want to achieve something. You want everything to be served on the proverbial ‘golden plate’. You also do not seem to follow up, enough.

These are the golden rules to get the Intro to a research paper example. If you can stick to the points stated in here, you can be in a win-win situation.

I'm from Michigan, USA and working as Tutor at My Homework Help Since 2012. The teaching job is very challenging job, but I love to do. I'm helping students with their homework. If you need homework assistance, feel free to contact me!

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