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The Chase and Race in Know How to Finish Assignments

We chase after the inevitable time, in hopes to keep track of where we are compared to its own flow. In fear of not lagging too much behind, we try to manipulate our own speed, while taking as many breaks we could afford. You may be thinking why I am even talking about time. But let us actually analyze ourselves. Take a pause, breathe deeply and look into yourself. Now tell me, am I saying anything wrong?

In a mere span of 24 hours, we pack our days with no less than numerous, countable errands all hopes for a better livelihood. When it’s time to take a vacation, we are overly excited to take a break and spend a little fortune in buying the peace we have deserved till date. Sometimes in our race and chase, we are assigned with tasks with a prior deadline or ultimatum. The competition thus, increases manifolds. Now what?

How will you wake up tomorrow?

How will you manage to finish the PPT in time?

How will you manage to deliver the products within the due date?

How to finish college assignments?

When will you start your exam preparation?

How will you get time to practice piano lessons while managing college?

These how’s, why’s when’s pretty much rule our day to day lives. Before allowing one to dive into the ocean of these endless questions, calm yourself and begin your day positively.

The process

We know the beginning, and with the deadline as our destination we know the end as well. What we are yet to decide is how we shall cross the path. The journey is after all what makes the entire experience worth it. It is our human brain that makes into measure the beginning and the need while making a blue print to decide the journey as well as plan a smooth route.

Our childhood has been refined in a manner to learn and practice several useful habits. One such practice is to learn the significance of time management. School and college life was all about classes and assignments, lectures and practical sessions, functions, activities and projects. Have you ever wondered how, as a child we managed our agenda quite efficiently?

Yes there were instances, many in fact, where we paused to think how to finish college assignments and yet we knew the next step. The child in us is far simpler and thus, stays away from the complex thinking of adulthood. As a student you knew that you were obliged to deliver the projects on time if you cared about your grade and fame. Well, being an academically student doesn’t come free of cost, does it?

Mingling between the numerous lectures and classes, without compromising any of the curricular activities, we managed to come home to a huge pile of pending assignments. We made sure that the assignments are finished within the due date. After that, it is the quality of our performance and the efforts instilled in those projects that judged our grades.

But what if you are lost wondering how to finish college assignments and are stuck knowing what to do ahead?

Well, like all the major decisions you have taken till date, this question, too requires a good amount of wise and smart planning. Let us make a flowchart, shall we?

Know your assignments

Firstly, it is a smart beginning to know what you are ought to do, or asked to do. Without knowing the subject of the assignment it is useless to wander and wonder what to do and how to finish college assignments.

Do you have anything to say about the topic?

Once you are well aware of the subject of the assignment, ask your opinion. Self thoughts should be of top most priority. They ought to be the basic steps to proceed with any given task. Without indulging oneself, one cannot proceed further with his involvement in a certain arena. Ask yourself, do you have any say on the topic?

For instance, you are assigned to make a presentation on the upcoming presidential elections in your country. Now before beginning with the presentation work, you need to ask yourself what are your personal thought on the upcoming elections? How was the running president? Who do you think is a suitable candidate for the future? What are your opinions on the requirements of a promising president?

Asking yourself increases the chances of self involvement and thus indulges you more into the topic. The latter assures your concentration as well dedication in the given assignment. The process thus, is a remarkable step.

Thirdly, research

In the present generation of internet and web, researching on any subject, big or small, widespread or remote, has become accessible, simple and easy for any computer literate. In fact, the use of internet has been a widespread phenomenon, now growing into an evolved culture among the current as well as future generation.

Why is research important? How to finish college assignments using researched information?

Since the very beginning of journalism, research has held a very significant position. It is a common place to understand that it is rather prudent to speak when you know about the subject. When you speak, write or communicate to the public on a theme, how can you do so with your self-formed opinion without engaging another’s opinion on it?

To reach a conclusion, singular voice is never enough. A single perspective doesn’t cover much scope and thus, demands a second or a third eye. Thus, when you are assigned with a task, it is rather smart of you to collect data and information in order to form a concrete presentation structure.

The retro approach of relying on newspapers, periodicals, radios, people’s talk and rumors are still efficient and resourceful to collect data that may not be found through search engines. As mentioned earlier, the web has made the world a better and easier to word to live in. collect lots of information and raw data to form a strong foundation for your presentation and thus, step ahead with the next promising step.

Fourthly, fill the content

With proper research and foundation, you can now begin writing or filling out the body of the assignment. If it is a presentation on a particular topic, use visual mode, graphics or videos or even pictorials that will rather create vivid impression on the spectators. If it is a speech or n essay, try evidencing real life examples, live scenarios and true stories that will make the speech, or essay, even more persuasive and influential.

A hint of realism in a piece of hand written, or manually personated PPT makes the overall piece even more acceptable, embracing and impressive.

There are certain points to note when you fill out the contents.

  • Make sure you use proper, polite and simple language.
  • Use standardized vocabulary with impeccable grammar.
  • Keep your literature simple as well as unique. Do not use too many bombastic words. After all, too much effort to impress the audience can ruin the entire work.
  • Use unique content. Try being original in every facet of life. Be it a simple project assignment or a handwritten article, copying others’ work is never a mark of loyalty and perseverance. Plagiarism is never appreciated in today’s creative and competitive world.
  • Time is one of the most important criteria. Make sure your punctuality and sincerity is well proved in your assignment as well as in its due delivery.


Finishing your work is never done with the content; rather the delivery is the end point. Thus, once you are done with completing your assignment, it your delivery or submission that counts.

For instance, your science project will never get its deserved grade if you fail to present it in the manner you have planned, if you fail to prove it to your audience what all efforts it needs to show. Thus, presentation marks an essential step in this process. Make sure you take care of it all the while.

Once you are done, keep in mind the points in dealing with any upcoming tasks ahead before asking how to finish college assignments. Planning makes life easier if only we are aware of what lies ahead. It thus, structures our thinking as well as refines our though process guiding us one step after another.

The process not only instills confidence within us but also assures us that we have complete control of whatever is going on. Thus, making last moment changes won’t be a big hazard even though it could have been otherwise a panicky situation to deal with.

Keeping all these points in mind, you now know how to finish college assignments. You can now finish an assignment on time, considering both the quality as well as the deadline in mind. After all, completing the assignment in haste by compromising its quality is of no use.

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