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Suggestions and Tips to Write a Research Paper Effectively

Writing long papers at a fast pace is definitely not a cakewalk, more because students are usually meant to complete these papers in a stipulated time span.

Mostly have very tight schedules and the deadline seems to be a hectic session for the same.

According to research done, there are about 73% of students who go through such a struggle of writing papers. Hence it is important for students to know about how to write a research paper fast.

It is very much possible to write long papers pretty fast overcome the deadlines which are provided. One can even be very much successful in the production of the paper which has a great quality and score expected marks. You must be wondering about its possibility. In order to decipher the same, you need to read it out.

This particular article has been formulated especially for the students who have a tight schedule in terms of project submission and also wondering how to complete a paper which is 3 pages long as soon as possible. You can be assured that the following steps which are enlisted below are the ones to be followed and one can achieve great marks on the papers.

How much time is usually needed to complete a Research Paper which is 3 pages long?

There isn’t any fixed time, however, the duration can be determined with the help of a set of factors and those are:

  • The paper which consists of an essay or essays and its length
  • To have a specific topic is necessary
  • To formulate the tools and methods of the research process
  • One should have an experience in terms of writing papers on research
  • One should have proper organizational skills

How to write a research paper fast is one of the most asked queries by students. It goes without saying that a person, who possesses the organizational skills and has the tendency to influence a lot of people by his or her way of working, can definitely complete or finish a paper real soon. Hence this article primarily focuses on the individual’s development on the skills related to organizational behavior. To imbibe the qualities of a certain kind of attitude and behavior which is required in the professional field is a necessary action. Hence to provide you with small tips and improving your perfection in organizational skills is our task. It is also seen that such people master the art of writing a paper with smartness, effectiveness and also very quickly.

For your convenience, we would like to break the process of writing into parts of three. They are namely the pre-writing process, the writing process and finally the post writing process. There is a particular time span for all the three parts. We can easily divide the time and can estimate that a 3 pages long research paper can be completed in 2 days time. Proper suggestions and tips have been provided for all three levels or parts.

  • The prewriting process should take 5 hours of time.
  • The writing process would categorically take about 1day to be completed.
  • The post writing should take not more than 5 hours of time.

Tips and suggestion on pre-writing

The focus of the topic should be stable

One of the most important factors which are to be considered in terms of writing any research paper is the need for focus and concentration. To have a concentrated mind also having to complete a paper in a deadline is a tough task indeed.

  • Scheduling your paper is important. To exemplify you can set of target of completing the paper in a three-day span where you have 5hours daily to sit with its formulation. This time span that you set is to be fully utilized with a high concentration in order to write your paper.
  • To eradicate all types of distractions is necessary. Sound, the noise of any kind can be one of the major reasons behind your distraction. It is clearly advisable to stay away from social media, television and various other modes of distraction while writing the paper. This may stereotypically sound like a sacrifice however it pays off well.
  • Once your brain is focused on a particular project the quality of the paper and you tend to get less tired, as you stop thinking about too many things at the same time. This is one of the reasons which state how to write a research paper fast.

Brainstorming is one of the most important categories

To think about the topic of the paper is of the utmost importance. It doesn’t even need much effort to think about a topic which you would actually write and already know about. Brainstorming is necessary because it takes away the time and concentration if you start thinking about the topic while writing the paper in between. It typically helps and guides you to have a proper sketch or outline of the paper.

You will even decipher a lot of challenges and problems in order to write the paper. The solution can be determined too if the brainstorming is done right. This is another factor which gives the answer to the question about how to write a research paper fast.

With the help of research studies it has been found that brainstorming can be done in two different forms:

  1. Brainstorming while you sit straight in a chair or can even do so while strolling in a peaceful environment.
  2. Brainstorm with the help of a pen and a paper. It is primarily expected to have a set of questions for how to write a research paper fast :


  • How do you feel that the topic is meaningful to you personally?
  • From which perspective do you feel the writing is needed to be done?
  • What are the basic problems and challenges that can be faced with writing a topic?
  • What can be the basic solutions to the problems you have discovered?
  • How do you feel that the importance would be of the papers to the people who read it?
  • The topic which you are writing on, has it been previously written?
  • What do you think your sources and tools will be for the research process?

Outlining the paper is yet another tool

It is always necessary to have a basic outline of the topic you are going to write on. It saves a huge amount of time in the bargain. Once your writing has a focused measure it becomes easier for you to evaluate your own mistakes once you tally the writing with the outline. You can be your own guide in terms of assessing the paper. Outlining has another important significance; it gives you a clear idea about the areas, regions and necessary actions to be taken in order to complete your research work.

Hence how to write a research paper fast has its answer in the outlining of the topic too. There is no hard and fast rule to have a single outline. You can make as many outlines as you want until you are able to make one final outline on the basis of which the paper would be written. A particular outline has no frame which is mandatory to follow. You can consider it as a flexible one which gives you a framework to work on it accordingly.

The research process is an integral part of writing a research paper

It can do wonders if you are unaware of the basic steps to do a research. If a research is inefficient it takes away a lot of time and remains ineffective in its execution.

  • You should always have a face to face interview with your guide or teacher. They can specifically lead you well in terms of which way to obtain in the research method. The resources and suggestions which they provide are meaningful and purposeful.
  • To surf the internet in a rigorous manner is necessary. To go through various journals and publications related to the topic is necessary. It significantly enlightens you with the help of all the case studies enlisted.
  • It is advisable to write down the links and references each time you visit a particular site. It can be time effective again as it has to be jotted down in the bibliography.
  • Don’t go through journals and various articles which does not support that of the topic. Stick to the topic and the outline which has been made.
  • You can also have an idea from books which are available in the library.

Hence to understand how to write a research paper fast you must:

  • To have a meaningful and apt title to the paper is necessary
  • To have a structured introduction is utmost important
  • To have a constructed body which interests readers is important
  • To have a conclusion along with a recommendations section is necessary.

Post writing the research paper the three most important steps to follow are editing, proofreading and formatting the paper categorically.

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