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Some Amazing Ideas on How to Choose Effective and Interesting High School Debate Topics

An engaging debate session undoubtedly increases the attraction quotient of an otherwise prosaic annual day celebration of an educational institute.

But, choosing the pertinent topics to be debated over by the students of different age-groups is a matter that can be described as being easier said than done.

The high school debate topics can be categorized into the Divisions according to the class and age level so that the standard of the debate does not go too high or low.

It is wrong to think that the high school debate topics would be based on academic matters only. Kids of this time are smarter enough than their Gen X or Gen Y predecessors and they are able to think critically and deliver their own individual thoughts on diverse sorts of subjects. According to their tastes and inclinations, the high school debate topics for the tweens and teens can be chosen from the following sectors:


Children and education seem to be two inseparable concepts entwined in each other since ages. However, seldom the young learners are allowed to vent their observations and opinions on the entire system.

Apart from encouraging the critical thinking and speaking ability among the students, the following high school debate topics can also make it easier for the authority to understand the pupils’ take on the structure of education itself:

  • Whether the frequent class-tests help in overall preparation
  • Whether any change has to be brought to the evaluation system
  • Whether studying should be restricted within the school only and not at all in home
  • Importance of the library
  • Whether the importance of books are fading out because of the surge of digitized copies
  • Books vs. gadgets
  • Whether online classrooms can be postulated to be an apt alternative to the face-to-face teaching and learning method
  • Whether human teachers are anymore required when Google knows everything
  • Whether an entirely online education system can save both time and effort
  • Whether online exams are way too better than the traditional pen-and-paper format
  • Whether there should be a students’ forum where the students can give their individual feedbacks on the teaching method of each teacher and the overall system
  • Whether individual opinions regarding anything related to the school should be taken seriously
  • Who should be approached first when some problem occurs, the class teacher or the principal?
  • Whether gadgets should be allowed in classes
  • Should we forget pen and paper as much less time is needed in typing and voice or video recording?
  • Whether the YouTube videos can be substituted for the classroom lectures


The youngsters are no less capable of taking effective steps in saving the environment than the adults. It is through their syllabus only that they come to know about the decline of ecological balance, increasing level of air, soil, and water pollution, thinning of the layer of ozone, and other types of concerning issues related to the environment of the world.

So, environmental issues can perfectly be a part of the list of the high school debate topics such as:

  • 100% urbanization or greener earth: which one is more necessary?
  • Whether the children can actually do something effective to save the environment
  • Whether a yearly or monthly plan of planting trees can subsequently lead us to a greener earth
  • Whether collecting and storing rainwater can solve the problem of the scarcity of water
  • Whether the use of solar power can eliminate air pollution
  • Should we opt for cycling and walking to cover short distance instead of using cars?
  • Which one is more effective in understanding the environmental issues, lectures/books/practical classes?
  • Whether the students should raise a voice against the crime of unnecessary felling of trees


It may sound weird that the school students will be asked to discuss matters like economy but it is actually true that they are also capable of understanding and dealing with these so-called adult topics. A child’s understanding of financial matters can be initiated by the family through the use of piggy banks, small investments, gifts on a good saving etc. Interesting high school debate topics based on this subject are:

  • Whether children should be given the responsibility of saving money
  • Whether having a bank account actually helps at an early age
  • Importance of raising funds in schools
  • Whether children should come to the aid of the poor
  • Whether being non-indulgent or how to live a life devoid of luxury is a didactic topic to be learned strictly during the student life
  • Whether learning different cost-cutting ideas is practically helpful
  • Whether more light should be given on the economic crisis of the developing countries so that any kind of over-expense can be checked in the privileged and developed countries


The well-known aphorism says that “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” So, children should be well-acquainted with the pros and cons of the various entertainment options. If the high school debate topics are chosen from this particular sector, an idea can be framed about what the youngsters are thinking about the entertainment options available around them:

  • Whether watching television affects adversely .
  • Is it okay to have a social media account at an early age when the majority of them are meant for the adults (18+) only?
  • Which one is more enjoyable, playing at the ground or playing online games?
  • Whether watching relevant movies can make studies easier to understand
  • Is it okay to replace human friends and the real world with the world of virtual reality?
  • Whether it is okay to indulge in the extremely violent or horror games when they are proven to take a toll on the psychological health!
  • Ideas on how weekends should be spent .


How often does your kid nag about quitting smoking? Almost every day, isn’t it? It is not that your spouse may have taught him/her to harass you about that. But, the TV and Internet advertisements against the smoking habit have created a lasting impression on the young mind.

If informed at an early age, children of junior and senior schools become more aware of the health and safety related issues than the adults. Some interesting and enlightening high school debate topics on this subject can be the following things:

  • Whether campaigns are an effective way to reduce the problem of drug addiction.
  • Whether indulging in smoking weeds occasionally is okay to relieve stress.
  • Whether there should be a separate smoking zone in schools.
  • Whether regular physical exercise is necessary to stay healthy.
  • Whether it is good to follow a strict diet chart at an early age.
  • Whether it is the responsibility of the children to help the adults come out of the harmful addictions.
  • Whether first-aid training is necessary for schools.
  • What to do during a situation of a medical emergency.
  • Whether obesity should be considered a serious health problem for teenagers.
  • Whether the physical and psychological problems occurring at the time of adolescence should be discussed frankly with parents or teachers.


As it has been said before, the school students form a great part of the entire society and the way they are thinking today, the society will think tomorrow. Different societal issues can be a part of the high school debate topics, such as:

  • Is it the responsibility of the children to provide moral support to the parents who are on the verge of getting divorced?
  • Whether the basic academic opportunities should be different for children belonging to the different financial status.
  • Whether it should be made mandatory by the school to donate the used books and other essential stationary items to the poor and orphans.
  • Whether the Aboriginal culture should be brought to the public attention so that it would not become extinct.
  • Whether it is okay to bully a few of your classmates just because they belong to some other race or country.
  • Whether it is okay to disobey your parents sometimes just because they are not highly educated as your teachers are?
  • Whether the concept of class bunking is acceptable.
  • Should we allow a beggar to beg in front of our house when the neighbors are opposing it?
  • How to maintain complete democracy while choosing the class monitors.
  • Whether the parents should be coaxed into spending money on charitable causes.

These are some of the ideas that can be considered as being interesting high school debate topics. Apart from them, some topical issues can also be taken into consideration such as the critical review of any particular book or movie, views, and opinions expressed in support of or against any current decision taken by the school, council, ministry of education, or the state government, and so on.

While choosing the high school debate topics, it should be kept in your mind that topics that may hurt a student’s racial identity, psychological well-being or financial status should be avoided.

Even if you are willing to spread awareness of the harmful effects of racial discrimination, make sure you do not mention or specify the name of any particular race or nation. Whatever topic you choose, pay sufficient attention to the fact that it is interesting enough and the participants will be eager to say something about it.

Make the issue clearer by putting a “Yes/No” or “Agree/Disagree” or “Pros/Cons” dichotomy. Make sure the organizing body leaves the matter entirely on the debaters and remains completely neutral while conducting the debate.

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