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Solve the Following Assignment Problems Which Give You Trauma Every Day

Students from all classes want to hear one thing from the teacher every day, “you have no homework today”. Those words feel like honey in the ear. But instead of hearing those unexpected lines they hear some horrible words like “Solve the following assignment problems”.

Whenever you get assignments it feels like a big clock ticking on your head. Sometimes it feels like all problems are waiting for your assignment. The moment you are assigning with any project problems starts coming one by one. Sometimes multiples problems hit you at one time. This blog will assist you to know your problem and to solve the following assignment problems.

When problems are big then the solution is also big. There are many problems regarding doing homework. This is an informative discussion to solve the following assignment problems which are mentioned below.

Problem 1: Amount of assignment

The most dangerous problem a student can face is a pile of assignments. Teachers assign projects to each and every student without noticing students’ capability. For example, a bright student can easily do 20 – 30 mathematics in one night. But for an average student it takes two or three nights to complete and sometimes they fail to finish.


There is nothing can be done by students. Teachers must notice how much amount of homework per student can take. It should be average. For example, teachers should give fifteen or twenty mathematics for two days. They can also give five mathematic per student or assign thirty questions of math for group assignment.

Problem 2: Deadline alert

Time is a vital issue. When you got your project you’ll see that you have enough time to finish it. But as time flows you will realize that you will only have a few days or hours to complete it. Students feel laziness first and hustle in the last minute.

The teacher has given you enough time to complete it. It is your responsibility that you overlooked it. Not all the time you act as bad students sometimes health issues also delay your work progress.


If you want to finish your project on time then starts working from the day you are assigned. Make a schedule for every day and put your assignment work in your time slot. The everyday study will help you to finish on time and save you from the hustle. Manage your time properly and finish your assignment before the deadline.

Problem 3: Group assignment

If you do group assignment right way then it’s a blessing if not then horrible trouble. The number of workers increases, whenever you are assigned to projects in the group. For each student, it’s hard to cover every topic and make projects. You can’t do it alone. Sometimes all responsibility falls on your shoulder because your groupies are busy at a party.


Division of work is the best solution. Divide the topic into your group and study your part separately. Arrange a group study where every friend is bound to explain their given section of the topic. This removes the pressure and faster the process of working together. Make individual projects and exchange them in the group. Don’t check your own project. Check your friend’s instead.

This process improves your knowledge. You will learn different techniques of doing assignments. And there are lots of benefits of doing group assignments.

Problem 4: Negative thinking

Before you start the assignment you start feeling negative incidents. You are thinking about the consequence if you don’t submit on time. What if you get a bad grade? What will be the impact on your marks if you can’t do it properly? Will you get punishment? What will you do if the teacher said bad comments on your assignment? How will you deal with the embarrassing situations in class?

It is clearly visible that your confidence level is low. Because of that, you start to compare your work with others. Even though your project is good you judge it and give it a low grade by yourself. You don’t want to submit your work to teachers.


All questions that are stressing you out are having only one answer. Calm down. Yes! Calm down yourself first then think of positive situations. Those positive situations will motivate you to work hard on your projects. At least give yourself a chance. If they worked for two days you did too. Don’t lower effort in front of others.

You may wonder how to motivate own-self to solve the following assignment problems that are given by the school. Here is your solution. Keep believing your capability. Don’t need to push hard just be you. Think of your good grades you will be rewarded after submission. Think of teacher’s appreciation after submission. What if your project turns out the best?

Problem 5: Distraction

Oh! Yes. I got your nerve. This is the main reason for the late submission of projects. Distraction forces student to slower the work. What kind of distraction are they? Let me tell you the most obvious one MOBILE PHONE, SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES. Am I wrong? Now you can relate yourself.

Solution: There can be one solution. Switch off your gadgets. If you are working on a computer then try not to open the social site. Everything lies on your willpower. If you want to make it happen then nobody can stop you.

Problem 6: Lack of interest

If you do not find the subject interesting, none can force you to complete the assignment. Whenever you plan to study you will feel tired, dizziness etc. but the fact is you can’t flee from the situation. You have to complete the project or you have to face the failure.

Solution: It is tough to study the subject you don’t like. You can use the formula of break study. Read for 15 minutes then take a break for five minutes. I know it is a time-consuming process but at least you’re studying and not staying as blank.

Problem 7: Uncommon topic

If you get any unfamiliar topic then the real big problem is standing in your way. Some topics don’t have information on the internet or books. Then how will you solve the following assignment problems which are totally unfamiliar for you?

Solution: when sources are limited than the only the teacher can help you to complete the assignment. You can also ask your friends to help if they have any knowledge. If everyone is assigned to the same topic and facing the same problem then ask your teacher either give a special class or ask to change the topic.

Problem 8: Pressure of assignment

If you feel too much pressure from the moment when you heard, “Solve the following assignment problems”. Some students can’t handle the pressure of multiple assignments in one time. Days after days doing same projects decrease their mental health. They don’t eat properly, don’t go out.

All the time only study is their main focus. If you don’t submit on time then you will get a low grade in the examination. That trauma forces you to open your eyes and brain for the whole day and night.


Don’t take a headache. Take it lightly but don’t neglect it. Go out and enjoy with your friends for a while. Don’t just sit down in front of books. Your mind needs relaxation. Give your mind a chance to rest. If you still feel under pressure then talk to the school counselor. You can also ask for fewer projects to your teachers. Or you can extend your deadline with showing proper reason. There are many ways to solve your assignment problems.

Problem 9: Remembering and concentrating issues

These problems are often faced by average or below average students. They try to study hours but as a result, it is impossible to cope up with the topics. If you move to the next topic you forget the previous one.

Concentration is another problem which is seen in many students. Whenever you sit for study other works seem more important to you. You give the project less important. Sometimes your brother or sister plays music which also creates problem while concentrating or it is just sound of TV. Background sounds and environment of your surroundings play a big role in the study.


To remember each topic, you should try to take short notes. It helps the student to memories important point. You can also underline on books where you find interesting points. This way you can read the entire topic and you get your notes to do the assignments

As for the concentration problem, you must plug in a good sound to avoid other noise. Or you can also study late night when everyone fell asleep. You can also find your comfortable study time according to the environment.

Will you freak you heard next time, “solve the following assignment problems”? I know you will not. This blog is ready to help any problem that has been on your list for days. I’m sure after reading this you’ll know how to handle every situation regarding your assignments.

Spread this information to others and let it reach to every student who is facing the same situation as you.

I'm from Michigan, USA and working as Tutor at My Homework Help Since 2012. The teaching job is very challenging job, but I love to do. I'm helping students with their homework. If you need homework assistance, feel free to contact me!

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