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Read the Ultimate Guide to Last Minute Essay Writing and How to Submit the Best Quality Essay

If you had all the time in the world, then writing an essay may not be a big deal. The problem arises when you have to write an essay within a set time or in a hurry.

In case of a college examination or to write to a university you will have to write the essay fast,and there is no scope for spending days and weeks on a simple essay. So here is the ultimate guide to last minute essay writing.

Teachers impose a strict deadline,and because of some other assignment, the chances are that you may not have been able to finish the essay on time. But don’t see it as a set back. You can still write an amazing essay using the ultimate guide to last minute essay writing,

Start with a positive mind set

It is important that you start with the right mind set when you begin to write the essay. You may feel a sense of panic like a timer ticking right in front of you. This will not let you write the essay well,and you start to feel nervous. Keep these negative thoughts aside and take up the challenge. Have a goal and tell yourself that you are going to achieve the target with this ultimate guide to last minute essay writing.Just start to work towards the essay logically and in a planned manner.

Do not get distracted

The last thing that you want to do in such a hurry is to get distracted. If you have just a few hours to write an essay then make sure that you keep the biggest distraction away-your smart phone. We end up checking the social media sites without us even realising it and thus it is time now to switch off your phone or keep it somewhere so that you are not even tempted to see it. You just need to focus on your essay at this time to make sure that you focus completely on finishing your essay soon using the  ultimate guide to last minute essay writing.

Do not hand write the essay

If you have not been asked to handwrite your essay, then it is best that you type it. Typing makes it faster to write the essay and it also lets you edit and make changes and even lets you save the previous work. You are sure to be able to write much faster if you type it is also easy for the teacher to check your work when you type it instead of handwriting it. This is actually an added advantage,and the auto spell check and grammar error highlights let you make changes as and when you are writing on the laptop.

Understand the question

It is sure that you will be nervous at this stage when beginning to write the essay. This is because you have very less time in hand and you want to hurry to write it. In such cases, you end up not reading the question carefully. In case you start with a wrong assumption then this means a rework for you. So do not rush when you read the essay question. Instead, understand the full context and only then start writing it.

Going wrong is easy when you are tensed,so the ultimate guide to last minute essay writing makes it mandatory that you read the essay question several times and make sure that you have understood it completely. Also, make sure that you highlight the key words like analyse or compare etc. so that you know what is to be done.

Research and write it down

When making notes write it down in word documents.This could actually work as an essay for you. You could write it asa bullet point. Try to organise the note in a structured manner so that you can drop them into the paragraphs which saves you from the trouble of rewriting it.

Once you have the notes ready it is time to elaborate on the notes. This will let you build a valid argument.

Introduction and conclusion

The introduction and the conclusion is the most difficult part of the essay. This is because the introduction and the conclusion are what makes the maximum impact on the readers. So this indeed is the hardest part of writing an essay. When you check the ultimate guide to last minute essay writing it says that you should keep the introduction and the conclusion part to the end.

Once you write the body of the essay you can then write the introduction and then summarize the important part in the conclusion. Since you have spent plenty of time in researching the article now everything is in your mind andall that you have to do is to write it down in the introduction and the conclusion paragraph.

Write down the references

It takes a lot of time if you have to go back after you write the essay to copy the reference sites. It is best to keep writing them as and when you use the references. Each time you add something for a site make sure that you copy the link to the word page on which you are writing the essay. This way you will save yourself a lot of time.

Proofread all along the way

You will have to dedicate some time to revise the essay but try to proofread the essay as and when you write it. Keep checking for grammatical and spelling errors to save you time in the final revision. Once you are done writing the essay now you can revise the entire content. This will take less time if you have already proofread it before.

Even if you are trying to write the article makes sure that you do not copy paste any part of the essay from the website. This will throw plagiarism error in your essay. You may be much tensed at this stage because you have to write the best essay but have very less time.At any time if you feel that you are just not being able to write even when using the ultimate guide to last minute essay writing then take a small break to refresh your mind and then start again.

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