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Quick Tricks on How to Write a Dissertation Ina Week and Do an Outstanding Job at It

Did you finish your dissertation timely?” asked Monica, my 15 years old niece.

‘No way, I am in soup!’ replies her friend from the other end of the phone.

Monica came to me in a hurry and narrated how her friend was equally worried about the submission by the weekend. As a career counselor, all that I could see is how desperate were they to learn how to write a dissertation in a week and do an outstanding job at it.

This is one of the reasons why I am putting up this article. It will benefit many students like Monica and her friends to overcome the dissertation writing.

Let’s start from the learn how to write a dissertation in a week and do an outstanding job at it.

First, understand the meaning of dissertation-

When a professor is asking you to complete the dissertations on time, he definitely means an essay that is well-researched. It must be supported with good English and thorough knowledge. Such a dissertation is necessary for a professional qualification that showcases the author’s research and findings.

Following are the tips on how to write a dissertation in a week and do an outstanding job at it.

  • Plan your task well-

When you have a dissertation to write, you will have to plan it according to it. The academic life is full of ups and downs. A student has to cater to a number of tasks that are assigned to them. When you have a week only to prepare, arranging for the resources is the foremost.

At the foremost understand that a dissertation comprises a minimum of 10,000 words to 20,000 words. Imagine completing the task in one day can be a tough scene. But when you plan the same thing over 7 days, the scenario becomes easy. So if the task if of 20,000 words spread it to 2500 words a day so that by the end of the 7th day you are done with the dissertation.

  • Create an outline-

Before you get ahead with creating your essay, you must create an outline. Divide the dissertation into several smaller parts. When you take care of smaller parts of the dissertation, your focus remains. It is important to take care of each part hence. Draft it as per it so that you can complete the task timely.

Honestly speaking, it is best to stick to the main body line. Wasting time in creating an introduction is a must, but whining too much time on it can be futile. Once you know the thesis line, it is easy to create the conclusion part. Once you are done with the main body, summing it becomes easy.

Day by day constructing- This step is the most crucial step in learn how to write a dissertation in a week and do an outstanding job at it. You must complete the work day-wise. Let us divide the task in 7 days considering 20,000 is the word count.

Day 1 and 2- Work on the literature part of the dissertation. You should be able to complete words around 5000 + on it. This part should roughly comprise of introduction and the first part of the argument.

Day 3, 4 and 5- Give these days for completing the main body and inserting the other citations. Complete the task of another 10,000 words that is to do with research work analysis.

Day 6 and 7-Devote the next 5000 words on last part of the argument and then the concluding point. Especially, for the seventh day, keep amendments, editing work to be completing. Right from manual checking, to the grammar checking must be done. Supply your dissertation with proper bibliography. Plagiarism tool is available for free on the internet; you can make use of it thus.

Also, it is a good practice if you can hire a professional dissertation writer. They exactly learn how to write a dissertation in a week and do an outstanding job at it. You will be provided with a well-drafted essay where your burden of work becomes less. All that you can do is ask for the research work so that you can get the material. Should you wish them to write it for you, the same is available against a fee.

Check on the referencing style- Referencing style plays a vital role in making you fetch good marks. Whether you are looking at Harvard style of writing or Oxford, you must be thorough with the references.

Professors deliver lectures on how to write a dissertation in a week and do an outstanding job at it. That one point that they massively pin-point is the use of references. A slight change in the style of writing can cause your dissertation to go wrong.

  • Create Bibliography simultaneously as you complete the task- Most of the students waste time preparing the Bibliography. You tend to forget from where you have taken the secondary resources from. But instead, if you keep on gathering the resources from an article or research book, you should note it down immediately. You can also keep on drafting the bibliography simultaneously as you complete your task. You will be able to complete your task timely.
  • No submission before proofread- The secret to how to write a dissertation in a week and do an outstanding job at it, lies in the proofreading. Although you might think your work is the best, it is only when you proofread it you understand that mistakes. It is imperative that before you go ahead with the submission, proofread them.

Many students feel that it is boring to read the 20,000+ thesis work. The idea is you take a break before you head to read. It can get monotonous is you immediately start reading the dissertation.

Start reading with a fresh mind so that every word you read makes sense to you. There is no point in running through the essay. If possible read it aloud so that you can grasp the essence of the theme (and chances of you dozing off will lessen!)

Happy writing needs a happy mind. Follow the above tips and you will excel in it. For more tips and tricks, keep glued to this segment.

I'm from Michigan, USA and working as Tutor at My Homework Help Since 2012. The teaching job is very challenging job, but I love to do. I'm helping students with their homework. If you need homework assistance, feel free to contact me!

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