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Perfect Start to Your Essay:How to Write an Introduction Paragraph for an Essay

Have you ever written an essay?

If, yes then you would know how difficult it is find that one entry point for the reader that will keep him engaged and interested for the entire essay. WE might have abundance of ideas and good experimental thoughts to apply in our essay but to give it all a worthy beginning seems to be an impossible task.

Even the greatest of the writers struggle when challenged with this task of coming up with an introduction paragraph for their essay. Writing an introduction that aptly describes upcoming ideas of the essay yet makes a perfect first impression on the reader is a tough nut to crack

So, for all those who are still wondering how to write an introduction paragraph for an essay must stay tuned with me to gather some best tried and tested ways to come up with perfect introduction. But, before that let’s focus our attention on why exactly introductory paragraph is considered so useful.

Importance of introduction paragraph

There are two main purposes of an introductory paragraph,

  • To pique the reader’s interest and get him excited about the upcoming ideas.
  • To perfectly introduce and identify the topic and the purpose of the essay.

Apart from these, they also serve as a bridge between the reader and the writer. They give a platform to readers to come out of their own world of ideas and enter yours. Moreover, everyone needs a strong transition point to come out of their own world and agree with the multiple issues that you will be bringing up in your essay.

So, next time you settle down to write an essay, remember that you do not get a second chance to make a good impression. Grab the opportunity and excel with these tips of writing compelling introductory paragraphs.

Strategies for writing brilliant introductory paragraph

If you are struggling with how to write an introduction paragraph for an essay, learn to read and research a little more and follow the lead of previous successful writers. They usually start off their essay with the main body and come back to the opening paragraph later to have a clearer head.

Try and engage your reader right from the beginning. Pose a question, strike a joke, define an anecdote, or give a great philosophical thought, choice is yours but remember to relate with the audience. The key is to add on a little intrigue along with information to keep your audience excited.

On this note, let’s try and answer the question how to write an introduction paragraph for an essay with these simple yet effective ways,

  1. Be the attention grabber

By this I simply mean that you should know how to surprise the audience and serve them with something that they didn’t expect. If you do this correctly than no one would be able to ignore your introduction. Now, the choice is up to you that which following method you choose to do this,

  • Anecdote

When used carefully and properly, they make for perfect introductory paragraphs.

Anecdotes are stories that illustrate a particular point. But, make sure that your anecdote carries a high relevance with your topic and is on point so that the reader doesn’t feel it’s too farfetched. It is also advisable to keep it brief so that audience don’t tire up in the beginning only but just get excited enough for the upcoming information.

  • A little joke doesn’t hurt anyone

All those who are confused about how to write an introduction paragraph for an essay should feel safe with this option.

Adding a little fun right in the beginning is the best way to break the ice. One can pick up some subject related joke and tweak it a bit to go with the essay topic. But, remember to not miss out on the entire tonality of the essay. Also, think about your audience and serve them only those jokes that they are comfortable with.

  • Dialogue

A dialogue or monologue doesn’t need a particular type of listener; it just needs a sane mind to appreciate the idea. You can try an exchange of two or three dialogues and then follow it with a brief elaboration.

Dialogues make the audience feel that they are a part of the entire issue and keep them interested. Plus, giving voice to your words and making them look like a conversation keeps the interest value high.

So, worry not about how to write an introduction paragraph for an essay, rather, come up with fake characters who can talk out your topic to others.

  • Shock your audience

Use a piece of information or a pertinent fact that can startle your audience. But, at the same time remember to use only that information that has high relevance to the topic so that you have an easier pathway to start your flow of ideas for the main body.

Also, each time you use this technique, follow the fact with two or three lines of elaboration so that your fact isn’t misunderstood by the audience.

  • Brief summary

If you are talking about a topic that needs a little elaboration to make sure that your audience is on the same page that you are, use this method.

You can write a few sentences explaining your topic generally works really well and makes the audience feel comfortable instantly with the upcoming essay ideas. This introduction works best with highly technical and formal essay topics and can serve as a great answer to the question how to write an introduction paragraph for an essay.

Now, you are ready to kick start writing your essay with a super compelling introductory paragraph. Next time you are stuck with how to write an introduction paragraph for an essay, just come up with multiple paragraphs following each of the method and check for yourself what works best for your topic.

While you do that, remember to follow the tonality of your own essay and not to start off awkwardly just for the sake of following these proven ways. Tell us if you used any other method apart from these and how successful it was.

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