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The term mass balance is generally used for analyzing physical systems on the basis of conserving mass. The accounting is done by keeping a check on the materials that are entering the system as well as those leaving the system. The concept of mass balance finds its application in several analyses in the fields of environment as well as engineering. More explanations of the term mass balance can be obtained by clicking on links like mass balance homework answers.

Equation for calculating mass balance

According to the usual definition of mass balance, any mass entering a system, as per the conservation of mass either goes out of the system or assembles inside the system. So, the equation for calculating the same is –

Accumulation + Output = Input

Mass balance when taken differentially

Often the concept of mass balance is considered differentially. In this case, any factor in the calculation is taken in limited amount, i.e., either the time taken for calculation or the volume of materials used is limited for the calculation. Some examples of usage of differential mass balance are –

  • Batch reactors
  • Tank reactors. More examples of mass balance can be noted by checking out mass balance assignment answers.

The batch reactor

The batch reactor is used in several processing industries. It has a vessel and an agitator that heats or cools the system. The material used for making the reactor is generally steel. The main benefit of a batch reactor is that it is single tank that can carry out more than one operation without breaking the containment. More information on the batch reactor can be learnt by visiting mass balance assignment answers.

The tank reactor

This is the type of reactor that is generally used for chemical engineering processes. It is also called the back-mix reactor. It is mainly used to calculate the variables of operation by usage of a reactor that has continuous agitation. The tank reactor uses the concept of perfect mixing. Details on the continuous agitated tank reactor can be obtained by checking out mass balance homework answers.

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