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Learning to Write My Thesis Lengthier and Filling with These Hacks

When it comes to thesis writing, the fever ought to go high. The length of the thesis is often the question in mind. In fact, no sooner you submit your thesis; the thickness of it is measured. The number of pages is counted. It definitely shows how much time and effort you have put in.

The way to win your professor’s heart is to provide him with top-quality content and follow the instructions regarding the size of the thesis. You have earned your brownie points for sure.

“How to write my thesis for a tough topic and provide maximum words remains unanswered!”

Whoa, you simply got sorted for this article is going to help you learn the tricks that you can incorporate to make your thesis look longer and fuller.

Understanding The Basis Of The Thesis

When students whine, how do I write my thesis in a limited time? How can I get content for my work?” These questions are important to be answered. There has to be a way out. However, you must understand the basis of the thesis.

Your research work is what you are going to present in the form of the thesis. It is basically a question which you are going to be answering with logical reasoning. So thesis writing is a document that you are going to be submitting towards your research study. It is a tough job but not impossible to do.

The Roads To Making The Thesis Look Lengthier

Firstly, choosing the right topic is imperative. Unless you are assigned with a topic or title, take the liberty of selecting your own topic.

How do we do this?

Well, it is a simple method. Simply run through your academic subjects and their topics. Roughly take a look at the chapters. Brainstorm all the questions that come into your mind. Think of the topic where you will get a chance to put a good number of anecdotes, examples etc. A topic that is wide will often fetch you good points.

But let’s take the toughest example where the topic is tough. It is a serious topic you are going to be writing on. What do you do?

  • Start Using As Many Examples As You Can

One of the best ways to lengthen your thesis is to look for the examples. You can browse through the internet or ask an academic writer for help. You can simply type “write my thesis” and you will find reputed sited on your SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

For every point you discuss, make sure there is enough content to prove your point. This is possible only when you have stuffed your thesis with ideas and examples. You must quote the sources to claim your content. This could be citing a documentary or references.

  • Start Answering The Questions One By One

When you start jotting down the outline of your thesis, make sure you are able to answer all the questions. It will help you to put down the ideas well.

“You mean to say, to write my thesis, I have to think from a professor’s point of view?”

Yes, exactly, it will help you in your interviews too and will create a fantastic impression about you. This will show your hard work and the kind of patience you have. The committee that you have chosen for your thesis will also be able to help you in prompting questions that will make your thesis superlative.

  • Start Using Phrases For Transition

Though the idea is to put forth all the points of your thesis in a formatted manner, one of the cheat methods is to use phrases. This means when you want to go from one idea to another, you can ideally jump to the next paragraph that can show that it is the next idea that you are presenting. Having said this, it is a great way to use phrases and words to show a transition in your thesis writing.

“It means I can use words and phrases such as of course, therefore, in a nutshell, demonstrating, whereas, nevertheless, however, etc. to write my thesis.”

You have got it right. By using some of the phrases and words; you can increase the word count. It also shows how beautifully you have inculcated the ideas and have put forth them.  Phrase like- as a matter of fact, On the other hand, With regards to this, By the same token, to put it another way, and so on can be used.

  • Start Using Citations

Using quotes and citations are a great way of making your thesis look strong and convincing. There are many famous quotes and sayings that make a great piece of work. You can find them on the internet or in the library books. This will help your professors know the kind of research you have done to get the right quotes for your thesis. But remember do not insert too many quotes or citations. It becomes boring to read and then the evaluator will understand that you are filling the word count by doing this.

  • Get Your Paragraphs Formatted

Many a time formatting does the job of making your thesis look lengthy? This is done when while formatting you start inserting bullet points, numbers, columns, inserting tables etc. You will find your thesis word count has automatically increased.  Also by raising the font size and header, you will be able to make your thesis look lengthy. Try to format from 12 to 14 (but be careful about the specifications demanded from the university).

In case you are inserting quotes, provide extra space so that it starts looking distinct. It will help you to make the document look longer.

With this, it is an end on this page. But in case you are still stuck on ‘how to write my thesis’ you will always find a helping hand at My Homework Help. We will be happy to serve you.  Happy writing.

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