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Learn About How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper

Before you understand how to write a conclusion for a research paper, it is first important to know what a conclusion actually is.

A conclusion is the final or the last part that you write in every research paper. This could also be the final part of any presentation.

How to write a conclusion for a research paper is important because it is the final summary of your entire presentation. This makes the listener or the reader feel that the objective of the presentation or the research paper has been achieved. It makes the assignment feel complete. The conclusion will basically support that the statement that you started with has been proved.

Conclusion is important because it helps to throw an impact on the reader and it makes the reader come back to research papers published by you. And this is why it is very important to know how to write a conclusion for a research paper.

How do you write the conclusion?

The conclusion is where you will be restating the thesis and summarizing all your points or the main evidence of your research paper. The conclusion can be written in a single paragraph or in a few paragraphs. But makes sure that it is in short and that you do not leave a complete page to write the conclusion.

The tricks to write the best conclusion for a research paper

Many ponder over how to write a conclusion for a research paper. Here is how you can achieve it. The truth is that the conclusion is not an easy part to write because it needs to be written in short but taking care that the paper is summarised in full. The paragraph should also be throwing light on the crucial points and making a final impact. This is why you know that writing a conclusion has to be mastered because this is what will let the reader have a lasting image about your paper.

The conclusion should not be very dry. The approach chosen could be different based on what your agenda is. These tips will help you on how to write a conclusion for a research paper and make it effective.

This is where you should restate your research paper topic

Repeat the research paper topic here briefly and explain to the audience the importance of the same. Keep this part concise because you have already elaborated on it in the body of the research paper. You do not have to introduce any new arguments here.

The thesis statement

Repeat the thesis statement and write it back again but in different words. It should be more focused and narrowed down here.


The key points of your research paper needs to be summarized here to remind your readers about what they have already read. For this you can re-read your entire research paper to jot down the key points and arguments and repeat it with slight changes in the conclusion. Just giving an overview is fine at this stage and also discusses the significance of the point. Take care on how to write a conclusion for a research paper that you introduce no new pointers here at this stage.

You may have to discuss the significance of a few points already mentioned at times in some research papers. This is not necessary but in case you have to, writes it down in just a line. The conclusion is just meant to summarise the points that has already been mentioned in the research body. All that it aims to do is to draw the reader’s attention to the general context of the research paper.

Discuss the future

If the research paper addresses some social cause then you could give a suggestion at this stage on its impact in the future. The paper will conclude with the possible use of your research in the society.

There is no single formula

Understand that there is no one formula that fits all when you try to understand how to write a conclusion for a research paper. This is because every research paper that is written is unique and contains different sections and formats. Thus, one should understand the basics of how to summarise the research paper and evaluate it to understand what should go and what should be omitted from the conclusion.

How can you make your conclusion effective?

  • The conclusion is what summarises your entire research paper. This is not where you will be rewriting the points as mentioned in the body. All that you need to do is to give a jest of the research paper highlighting just the key points. Also take care that when you summarise your paper in the conclusion you make sure that it flows logically. It should not read like you have stuffed in some random ideas haphazardly.
  • The best part of a research paper and that which throws the maximum impact is the introduction and the conclusion of the paper. This is why you should spend time on learning how to write a conclusion for a research paper. You need to time these two parts. A good way is to end the introduction with a question and answer that in the conclusion.
  • The paper could have opposing points too but in the conclusion you give a single and a clear opinion about what you wish to state. The questions that could not be answered in the paper have to be answered in the conclusion. If you are unable to come to a definitive answer then the conclusion should mention about any further research that may be needed and what actions could be taken in the near future.
  • You could also get your readers involved and let them comprehend their own conclusion. But this may not work for all kinds of research papers. You could try this method in research papers that discuss topics on social issues where the question relates to the topic directly.
  • The conclusion should have recommendations where you explain the actions that you think should be most effective.

What should you conclusion not include?

When you learn about how to write a conclusion for a research paper make sure that you make a note of things that should not be a part of your conclusion.

  • Do not use words like “in summary” or “in conclusion” because these are obvious and do not sound natural
  • The thesis should be mentioned in the body and the introduction part as well. It should not come up abruptly in the conclusion. This will not give your readers a good flow
  • No new arguments should be presented here. The conclusion is only where you summarise pointers already mentioned above
  • The tone of your writing should stay the same. So, like if you has an academic way of writing earlier the conclusion should not be in an informal tone
  • Do not try to make the conclusion personal. You could include examples but the conclusion can never show that you are being personal
  • Never apologize or do not show that you are in doubt when you write the conclusion.

What makes a well-written research paper conclusion?

A conclusion is well written when it offers opportunities to let the reader know that you understand what you have researched about. You should present the last word here. The introduction is where you give a first impression and the conclusion lets you leave the last impression. You need to highlight the findings and analysis here.

The conclusion is where you answer or reemphasize the question. It lets the reader form an opinion based on your research which is mentioned in the body of the paper. You could fill in a gap in your conclusion too.

The conclusion is where you get the opportunity to elaborate on your ideas and leave an impact on the reader. This is where you reiterate the significance of your research findings.


When you draft a conclusion it could feel very terrifying to formulate it. Use these rules mentioned above to help to frame your research paper conclusion. If you use phrases like to conclude or in conclusion, you may even risk losing the reader. Just stick to what the thesis paper states and answer the questions that you have asked earlier.

The conclusion is where you characterise the attitude and then substantiate its relevance. The reader should be able to feel that you have approached the topic with interest and with enthusiasm. The conclusion should be a brief statement of the theories and thoughts that have been resolved on the evidence of the paper. How did you cope with the task in hand and summarised it in the conclusion is important.

The conclusion summarises the content and should not be wooden. There should be some key elements in the conclusion. But at the same time you can use your skill to craft a conclusion that is effective and leaves an impression on the reader. Make sure that at any time you do not write any statement that ends up weakening your own arguments in the paper.

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