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Know the Simplest Way to Write an Essay

Writing an essay is not that easy a task that it seems to be. But, the composition of essays is an indispensable part of almost all sectors of academic education. And, in order to impress your teachers and to fetch good marks in the essay writing sessions, you need to possess a certain amount of command over the skill of essay writing. On the first hand, it may seem like championing the essay writing skills is all about massive reading and commendable composition capacity. However, it may not work for everyone and yup may not have sufficient time in your hand to spend on diverse types of reading before composing the essay. If you are required to submit the paper within such a short period of time that you cannot even make a lavish preparation for it, you need to know the simplest way to write an essay in order to save your time. Now, as a clear-cut formula for the best essay writing solution may not be available easily, we can do our best to gather some effective methods of essay writing that have been proven to be functional, especially when there is an acute scarcity of time. Let us have a look at these helpful tips:

Maintain originality

Possessing enormous academic knowledge is good, but it is your ability to explain to them that finally works. Stuffing your essay with lots of bookish expressions may not always turn out to be efficient if there is no reflection of your personal thoughts regarding that. In addition to that, if you try your maintain your individuality as far as possible, it will save your time as well. The simplest way to write an essay is to describe the topic according to your previously gained knowledge and shed some light on the new ways of analyzing the topic without spending time in gathering pertinent information from books or online and/or digital sources. For example, you have been asked to write an essay on the Industrial Revolution in England. It will be expected that you have some knowledge of how it affected the global economy and major political undertakings. But, if you do not know or only vaguely know how the matter was reflected in the contemporary literature, do not spend much time in delving deep for details on it.

Set your limit

If it is an essay bring written for academic purposes, then you already know the word limit set for it. Even if you do not have such limits, you can make an idea of it by assessing the marks given or the importance involved. It is widely considered to be the simplest way to write an essay in a short and crisp manner. Do not go for over-elaborating any of the pints you are going to discuss in your essay. If you are taking help from some particular resources and if the topic is discussed there at a great length, you may even cut it short according to your requirements and frame your own paper. An essay that is too long to read it within a short span of time will never get positive impressions from the paper-checkers. Always try to focus on the crux of the main topic and avoid making far-fetched allusions related to it. While composing the essay, set your own limit about how much you will write in each section of it, namely, the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

Keep it simple

An essay composed in a lucid language and having a flow of innovative thoughts in itself never fails to grab attention. Keeping it brief and easy-to-read is the simplest way to write an essay on any topic. Elongated discussions and extreme use of flowery language make an essay appear as being clumsy only and it will actually annoy your paper-checkers without making them pleased in any way. As it has been said before in the first point, composing the essay with the help of your own knowledge only is the best idea to keep it simple and at the same time, fresh and novel. Added to that, if you are given a topic that may involve the use of ornamental language, it is better if you rephrase them in simple language rather than copying verbatim from your source. For instance, if you have been asked to write an essay on the development of the dictionary of English language, you have to mention the contribution of Dr. Samuel Johnson in it. Now, while writing about his contribution, you are never expected to make use of the Johnsonian expressions and phrases as they are too obsolete to be used in an essay written otherwise in modern language.

Write in your own words

Adding relevant quotations is always welcome and such efforts do enrich your essay. But, while adding a quotation, keep it in your mind that you must cite the source of it properly or else, you are going to face the accusation of plagiarism. Adding very few quotations or only as much as required is the simplest way to write an essay. Keeping the use of quotations and allusions minimal will make the entire essay writing process simple and will not consume much of your time.

Pay attention to the structure

An essay contains several paragraphs that convey separate ideas related to the main topic. For that reason, you are required to pay special attention to the structure of the essay. The simplest way to write an essay is to maintain the easy structure of composing an essay, that is, the introduction, the body of the essay that may include more than one paragraph, and the conclusion. Unnecessary elaboration of any of the portions should be strictly avoided for the purpose of keeping the essay simple. However, in an attempt to make the essay short and simple, you should not skip any of the paragraphs.

So, choose the simplest way to write an essay and compose your essay effortlessly within a short period of time. Last but not least, be confident in your effort and fetch good marks and commendable impression from your teachers.

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