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Know How to Write Introduction of an Essay

When your teacher assigns you a piece of writing assignment, it is either a research topic or an essay topic. Both the ordeals are different from each other. The former follows a different format and requires slightly varied style of writing than what the latter demands.

Anyway, the similarity between the two lies in the fact of research and finally presenting the raw data in a far refined and attractive tone.

Thus, for every writer, the task is to research on a given topic and use his skill in presenting the content in a unique style, fascinating enough to attract as many readers as possible. With the diverting capability of one’s mind, it is easier said than done to attract readers’ attention, let alone persuade their thoughts and beliefs.

For any kind of writing, i.e. speech writing, report writing, thesis writing, or essay writing, the basic skeleton of any content piece contains a beginning paragraph, otherwise known as the introduction and an ending paragraph i.e. conclusion.

While the introductory stanza highlights the very beginning tone and thus, allows the entry to a writer’s thoughts, the latter is the exit point where the writer smoothly concludes his point and signs off.

You must have heard the phrase, “Well begun is half done.” Whenever one begins a task, his first instinct is to start well. If the start is smooth, he is half relieved and hopeful that the journey too will be more or less smooth and less of traffic.

The same goes with writing. For someone who writes, it is quite important to begin well and smartly. It is therefore, quite relevant to acknowledge how to write an essay introduction in three easy steps. Once done, the gear never stops, not until he decides to put an end to his content piece.

Thus, essay writing is important; however, writing its introduction is even more significant.

Let us learn how to write an essay introduction in three easy steps

Grab one’s attention

The first step is to realize one’s task while penning down the essay assignment. For any writer, the important ordeal is to catch its readers’ attention. While wondering how to write an essay introduction in three easy steps, the first step consists of planning how to begin, proceed and end one’s qualified piece. Thus, the important and highlighting subject matter in this step is planning and structuring.

Once the writer reads and understands the topic, his task and responsibility is pretty clear. A vague definition of responsibility will only make the outcome even more vague and messy.

  • Read the topic. Understand it and jot down what you understand and how others’ perceive the topic. The many perspectives and outlooks, the better you may present your essay. Reaching others’ perception and thoughts are a smarter way to reach their attention and meld their thoughts.
  • Jot down the design of your essay beginning with your introductory paragraph and ending with your concluding statement. Structure the number of stanzas and what all will they contain. This will help in fixing the length of the essay p to a satisfactory measure.
  • Think about what and how to begin your approach. It is how your start that matters more than how you proceed. This is better explained in the second step.

The second step consists of planning how to grab the readers’ attention. One may follow the enumerated instances and methods to do so. Let us look further how to write an essay introduction in three easy steps.

  • Mesmerizing thoughts

Begin with a quote or a rhetorical belief. An inspiring statement can be a catch 22 if one knows how to move further thereafter. For example, if one is writing on a descriptive or narrative essay such as ‘How waking up and sleeping early adds life to our healthy and surviving tenure’. One may begin such a piece with a well known quote or a popular belief, eventually leading his tone to a denser medium and fact oriented content.

  • Beginning the content with a question

For instance, you are writing on a topic related to whether or not smart gadgets are allowed to schools for students to carry along. The piece is an argumentative topic. Thus, the writer may decide to begin with the same or related questions making the readers wonder about whether or not to, what is the correct policy to be adopted in modern schools today. Once the question is pointed out, the readers begin their though process.

The consequent study of your essay piece will help to meld their thinking and belief towards the one direction you are pointing out. However, citing examples, putting more questions and narrating real life cases will help broaden their thinking zone and let them capture your opinion more readily.

  • Breaking news

Now another enticing way to begin your essay in order to make it an attention grabber is to begin your piece with some breaking news, a news flash or revealing some startling piece of information. An astonishing fact revealing statement will surely grab a layman’s attention, even if the latter was not intending to read the piece.

  • Other writing tools

When you ask yourself, how to write an essay introduction in three easy steps, the easier steps lie in the fact that one knows how to begin and how to end. The rest are mere fillers with more consequential and relevant information gathered and collected during research. However, the initial impressions carry the most quotas. Thus, an introductory paragraph has its own contribution to a good qualified piece of essay.

Tools such as writing a proper, well versed anecdote may appear clean while fulfilling the task of grabbing readers’ attention in a fully fledged manner. An anecdote is a depiction or a tale that mostly contains a lighter tone.

Such an anecdote may help you to begin with your essay while you state a story relating to the topic. The anecdote hence captures the readers mind while entertaining them during the initial read.

The third step while putting forward the question of how to write an essay introduction in three easy steps is language. It is essential to keep in mind your language and vocabulary power. It is the strength of an author’s writing style that calls for its reader fans from all over the world.

Thus, develop your own style and unique approach to writing. This also means to keep in check the grammar and quality standards. Your introduction must reveal the strength of your verbal as well as writing skill.

These three simple phases will help you keep in hold of your content. Now you don’t have to wonder or panic about finishing or designing your essay. Just know how to write an essay introduction in three easy steps and begin penning.

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