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Know How to Write a Speech – Step by Step Help

Speaking in public, be it for school, work or even a TED talk, is nothing short of an ordeal. Even preparing for a speech can turn out to be an anxious and overwhelming experience. There’s nothing worse than being completely clueless while writing your speech. You may think you have never been good with words or perhaps your previous experiences haven’t necessarily been engaging. Surely you can use a guide on how to write a speech – step by step help.

Preparing for your speech doesn’t necessarily have to be an intimidating experience. First and foremost, you need to find ways to calm yourself down. Stay composes when you are writing your speech. Perhaps the best way to boost your confidence to actually come up with a good speech. Invest some time in writing the speech; you are sure to deliver a good one too.

Here’s how to write a speech – step by step help.

  1. Getting the basics right

  • Be appropriate in selecting your topic:

Any good speech revolves around a central topic, which matches the occasion. The topic needs to be something that is important to the audience and interests them. For open-ended speeches, such as the ones given in school, you can choose a topic you are enthusiastic about. If the speaker is passionate about the message and delivers the speech correctly, the enthusiasm transcends to the audience as well.

  • Be particular with your thesis or purpose:

One of the most important steps of how to write a speech – step by step help is finding the thesis. It is the main point you wish to emphasize in your speech. You need to find the reason why you are giving the speech on the concerned topic. What is the message you want to deliver? The purpose of good speeches is usually to instruct, inspire, and lead to action or rally support.

  • Organize an initial draft:

There is a firm shape to all good speeches, with a common structure. This structure includes an introduction, the body and finally the conclusion. You need to keep this format in mind when you are preparing the initial draft of your speech. A good advice on how to write a speech – step by step help is to list down all your arguments. There has to be at least three good points for supporting the arguments.

  1. Making your effective

If you want to make your speech effective, you need to think about the audience. Who will be listening to you when deliver the speech? Why are they attending your speech? What do they expect from you? What is the extent of their knowledge on the subject matter? Are they more likely to agree or disagree with your point of view? Answer these questions and you will form the basis of how to write a speech – step by step help. 

  • Be wise in choosing your words:

When writing your speech always use words that your audience would understand. Your speech should cater to what they know. It would be a waste of time to overemphasize on something they already know. Even worse would be to assume your audience know something they actually don’t. In that case, all you would end up doing is confuse them.

  • Catch the attention:

Try to engage the audience as much as possible. The best way to grab the attention of your audience is to personalize your writing. Be open with your speech, so you can connect with the audience. If you are comfortable with your speech, even your audience will be hooked. Be expressive with what you write.

  • Stay focused on the message:

This is a point that will always be reiterated in how to write a speech – step by step help. Remember, there is only one central message in your speech. If you try to cover too many points, you can easily stray away from the central point. Never beat around the bush and be precise in your speech. Too much of anything will lead to losing the attention of your audience.

  • Persuade and illustrate:

You need to be persuasive with any argument or reasoning you use on your speech. Try being graphic with your writing. The main aim should be to illustrate central points of your speech so that it sticks to the audience’s minds. Know the context of your speech and make sure your audience relates to it.

  1. Forming the speech

The next part of how to write a speech – step by step help is the actual formation of the speech. The three main parts of your speech are:

  • Introduction:

Start your speech with something that will catch the audience’s attention straight away. The worse thing would be to lose the interest of your audience at the very beginning. If that happens, your speech will be useless, no matter how good the rest of it is. Using quotes or remarks in your introduction is a great idea!

  • Body:

This is the part of your writing that will contain the main points you wish to discuss. For each argument you present, there should be some supporting points. Narrow down the list you made earlier in your first draft to around three main points. Then, you need to figure out which point is more convincing. Start the body with the strongest point and end it with the second strongest one. Weakest point should ideally be in the middle.

  • Conclusion:

Write down a powerful conclusion that summarizes what your speech is all about. This part of your speech is to provide a sense of resolution to the audience.

  1. Recheck what you have written

After your initial write, the final step in how to write a speech – step by step help is rechecking. Read through what you have written and analyse it. See if you have been clear in your writing with an appropriate and constant ton throughout. Make sure there have been sensible transitions from one point to the next and in between introduction, body and conclusion. Recheck and correct what you have written until you come up with a final draft.

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