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Interesting Debate Topics That Will Trigger off Streams of Ideas in the Minds of the Debaters

Have you ever thought about how to make a simple lecture interesting and thought-provoking?

Or, being the team leader, have you thought that you can’t simply let your juniors yawn during the board meeting?

Engaging all the participants in any type of gathering into a fruitful discussion is another name for debate.

As the famous American businesswoman Margaret Heffernan once said, “For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.”

However, making arrangements for a well-organized debate is nothing comparable to merely raising a storm in the teacup. As an organizer of a successful and efficient debate session, you need to possess a good idea of the participants’ interest, level, and standard of knowledge, comfort zone, current affairs, and so on. Mere guesswork will not work here.

After much deliberation and careful research, you may come to some truly effective and interesting debate topics that will grab the attention of all the participants without fail. And before that, you need some essential groundwork. Following are the snippets of some of those indispensable things associated with the selection of the interesting debate topics.

Things to remember while choosing the debate topics

Not all debate topics are engaging enough to arouse different views and not all topics can be handled by anyone. While choosing the interesting debate topics, the following things are needed to be kept in your mind:

  • The knowledge level of the participants:

While the senior school students are capable of handling serious issues like gender discrimination or economic growth of the third-world countries, it cannot be expected that the junior ones would also deliver speeches on such topics. Similarly, in a corporate world, experienced workers are more likely to possess masterly command over different commercial and promotional strategies than the freshers and the newcomers. That is why the level of the knowledge of the participants is to be taken into careful consideration while choosing interesting debate topics.

  • Functional area:

A science student cannot be expected to deliver a lecture on Shakespeare’s heroines and a commerce student cannot be asked to say something about Einstein’s theory of relativity. The area selection is of great importance for this particular reason.

While searching for some interesting debate topics, you need to have sufficient details about the specific genres that the participants will feel comfortable with. However, in order to make the debate more amusing, the topics can be swapped and a diverse range of cross-views can be invited.

  • The relevance of the topics:

Debating over some dead and irrelevant issues is not worth the efforts spent on it. Generally, the interesting debate topics tend to be connected with the ongoing events and incidents whose effects have not yet been faded out. Except for the universal issues like environmental concerns, negative outcomes of wars etc, try to opt for topics that frequently make the headlines.

However, in the debates arranged for the students of the subjects like history, political science, or sociology, past events can well be discussed for a better understanding or to scrutinize those events through some new perspectives.

  • Acceptability of the topics:

Avoid topics that may create a pandemonium or topics that may hurt somebody’s individual, religious, racial, or sexual identity. In the academic or corporate level, it is also not very suitable to discuss issues related to political events as the political orientations and the preferences for different political parties may vary among the debaters and this may lead to an unfriendly environment in the institute or the workplace, which is also not desirable.

Topics that can be chosen for school students

The youngsters are the future of the nation. So, it is very important to become aware of what they are thinking about the major concerning issues of the world now. Some interesting debate topics for the pre-teen students can be:

  • Importance of physical education
  • Pros and cons of watching television
  • Pros and cons of playing video games
  • Pros and cons of watching movies
  • Importance of fieldwork and practical classes
  • How often exams should be taken
  • Whether home-tasks are required
  • Best holiday ideas
  • Whether the internet is required at the early stages of study
  • Whether students can help the poor and the downtrodden people
  • Whether students can take part in the clean environment movement
  • How much effective it is to have a bank account at an early age
  • Whether it is okay to opt for a boarding school rather than attending school every day from home

Topics that can be chosen for the high school or college students

The opinions held by the teenagers and the college-goers largely reflect the views of the future society. Apart from that, this is the age when they are provided with the suffrage or the right to vote.

In addition to that, this age is extremely sensitive to the burning issues like oppression, racial or gender discrimination, political tension between two nations leading to cold war and manufacture of deadly weapons, superstitions etc. In view of this fact, the following issues can be taken as interesting debate topics for this particular age group:

  • Whether the problems faced during the adolescence should be consulted with the elders
  • The root of sexual violence
  • Who is responsible for the incidents of child abuse, family or society?
  • Whether the war crimes are indispensable parts of the battlefields
  • Whether students should be involved in active politics
  • What mode of education should be followed: academic or vocational or a mixture of both
  • Whether private training is required in the educational sector
  • Whether there should be a restriction on the weapon license especially for the students
  • Whether or not to deactivate the social media accounts to avoid distractions during exams
  • Whether it is good to bring even the private moments to public attention through social media
  • Whether the international students should be given the chance of having community living facilities in the college/university campuses
  • Whether the scholarship system should be managed by the merit-cum-means basis only
  • Who is responsible for maintaining the cybersecurity, the users or the administrators?
  • Whether getting acquainted with the problems of the third-world nations is essential as being a responsible citizen of the world

Topics that can be chosen for working people

The most important part of society is the working populace. It is upon their hands how the society thinks, behaves, and acts consequently at the present time. The senior college or university students who are currently carrying on with some research works or are working as research fellows or analysts are also included in this group. While choosing interesting debate topics for this group, you may check out the following issues:

  • Whether maintaining a work-life balance is essential
  • Whether budding relationships between the colleagues are healthy for the environment of the office
  • Whether there should be a strict dress code
  • To meet the deadlines, is it okay to bring office-work to home?
  • Pros and cons of the work-from-home option
  • Whether the company should hire freelancers when there is an acute scarcity of full-time workers
  • Whether there should be any gender discrimination in the matter of pay scale
  • Whether the menstrual leave should be made mandatory
  • Whether the employees should be given a chance to have a discussion with the authority on their developments or faults at the time of increment
  • Whether working overtime should be allowed
  • Whether engaging in political or controversial discussion is healthy for the environment of the office
  • Whether the interns should be given a direct placement opportunity
  • Whether a thorough market research and customer survey before implementing a new marketing strategy is effective
  • Fundamental research or applied research, which one is more effective?
  • Whether single parenthood is okay for the overall growth of the child
  • Whether the surge of workers from the third-world countries poses a threat to the employment opportunity for the first-world people
  • Whether there should be a restriction on the pouring in of outsiders and refugees
  • Whether the third-world countries are all about poverty and superstitions
  • How to find out an effective solution to the problem of terrorism
  • Is it justified to claim that the roots of terrorism are ingrained in the eastern world only?
  • Whether proper sex education at schools can mitigate the chances of sexual violence committed by young people
  • Whether incidents of domestic violence give birth to a psychologically disturbed child
  • Whether the criminals should undergo careful psychological tests to find out the reasons for which they have committed the crimes
  • Does moral education anymore hold water in the current world?
  • Whether it is justified to treat people according to their different sexual orientations
  • Who is responsible for the incidents of sexual harassment at the workplaces?
  • Whether it is high time that we should start thinking about how to reduce the bursting population of the world
  • Whether the very concept of feminism separates women as a different entity from the rest of the society
  • Whether the very concept of “women empowerment” is actually derogatory as it postulates women as the weaker sexes who need to be “empowered”

In addition to these, there can be many other topics that possess an enormous amount of significance to be debated over by the students, working people, and all the responsible citizens of the world. So, you have got sufficient ideas for choosing interesting debate topics and the important things to consider while choosing them. Next time get a smash hit with these interesting debate topics and give rise to a plethora of innovative views and opinions.

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