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How to Write Your Best Dissertation: Step-By-Step Guide to De-Stress You?

Writing a dissertation can be quite scary at times, right? Are you looking for a step by step guide to write a good dissertation? Well, your search ends here. This post is going to give you all the tips about how to write your best dissertation: step by step guide. A dissertation is a compulsion if you want to receive a Ph.D. Degree and it is quite important for a good academic career.

What is a dissertation?

If you are an undergraduate student, then it is supposed to be a final study in your program. It is a paper that you write to summarize your research and findings. It is a deep exploration of a specific topic rather than a simple college assignment. Of course it requires a lot of hard work and patience but slowly and steadily you will finish the dissertation.

Why is dissertation so important?

Now, that you got a clear idea about the concept of dissertation, let me share with you why it is so crucial for a good academic career. There are quite a few reasons why the students freak out so much about writing a thesis. But, it still remains a very important part of the college life. Nowadays, most of the universities have made dissertation an indispensible part of their coursework. Before telling you how to write your best dissertation: step by step guide, you scroll down to read more about its importance.

  • A dissertation helps a student to understand their capacity and analysing skills as a researcher.
  • These dissertations and research work adds on your final grades and it will also help you to boost up your CGPA. Better grades mean better performance and better job opportunities.
  • It also helps in demonstrating whether you have specific abilities like analysing power and good memory. It helps to identify your own area of interest, to explore you problem solving skills, and your writing skills as well. It will also help you to understand whether you can handle this mammoth of a task for so many years as well. Keep reading and you will know all about how to write your best dissertation: step by step guide.
  • A dissertation also helps you to become prepared for future career opportunities moreover, a well-written dissertation is crucial for getting an amazing and well-paid job.
  • It is a great way of testing your speed and knowledge along with your grasp of the specific topic that you chose!

Let’s move on to how to write your best dissertation: step by step guide!

  1. Decide about your topic:

to get a good topic you have do a lot of brainstorming, read hundreds of journals, do some literature review, and most importantly consult your supervisor. This topic will determine your whole research as well as the writing process. You must refer the internet or books, journals, and other sources to search for a unique topic. Do not go for the topic areas which have been covered before because that will bore your supervisor. Not only that, there are high chances that there might be some plagiarism issues as well.

  1. Make a plan for your research:

a little planning can set a lot of things straight such as your time frame. Once you make out the outline of you dissertations, then you can decide how much time you will need to finish your dissertation. It is the most critical step when you think about how to write your best dissertation: step by step guide.

  1. Conduct thorough research:

if you decide the methodology before-hand and then follow it religiously while you conduct your research then you don’t have to spend much time or energy while writing the dissertation. To conduct the entire procedure properly you can divide the topic into specific questions and then cover each topic within a specific time. Of course, there will be certain excuses for delays always but you must ensure to finish the work within your stipulated time.

  1. Follow your dissertation structure:

stop worrying about how to write your best dissertation: step by step guide. Once you are done reading this post you will feel quite confident about writing a dissertation. Well, its structure consists of the following important topics:

  • Title page –

In this part you will have to indicate the main title with your name, the supervisor’s name, and the date of the work done.

  • Abstract –

A short brief summary of your dissertation.

  • Acknowledgment –

It is a very important page which will consist of a thank you note for those who were assisting you with the thesis.

  • Index list –

Here you will mention the chapters and sections of your research work with the respective page numbers.

Next, you should mention the table of figures which you have shown in your dissertation work.

  • Introduction

Here you must provide the idea and concept of your research work with the help of presentation and a brief outline of the paper.

  • The body

It will consist of your research methodology, the experiments done, analysis of the reports, the facts and evidence which support your idea and work done.

  • Conclusion

It will be wrapping up your work with a discussion of the problem and do not forget to make a few recommendations.

  • Bibliography –

It should consist of a list of the resources that you have used for your research.

  • Additional supplementary information which will contain the extra information that you were not able to include in the dissertation.
  • Most importantly, organise your research and do not forget to edit your content and style because only then will you be able to create your own piece of work.
  • Cite your references and make sure you do not face any plagiarism issues.

Well, i have been sharing this outline with a lot of my students, friends as well as siblings. This step by step guideline helped me to write one of the best dissertations which made me feel really proud of myself.

So, keep brainstorming and read the journals. Get a good hold of your subject and only then select your topic. I hope now you have a clear idea about how to write your best dissertation: step by step guide.

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