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How to Write an Autobiographical Essay – Great Tips and Tricks

All of us have written an autobiographical essay at some point or the other. Well, writing essays is a part and parcel of student life.  And, we all falter. We make mistakes, we score less and then we keep learning.

What is an Autobiographical essay?

It is a sort of biography written by someone else, from the writer’s point of view. It can be categorised as nonfiction work. It is generally written in the ‘first person’. The pronoun ‘I’ is used, mostly.

Let us find out how to write an autobiographical essay

  • Choose a good story. This is the first step in writing a good autobiography.You will need to write, as the character on whom you are writing. You can write important life events, like winning an award, getting a job, or completing schooling. You can also write regarding a difficult circumstance in the lifetime or regarding an accident. You can talk about your hobbies, about your family or best friend.
  • Defining your purpose. Think, why you are writing this essay. You should be able to ascertain, for what kind of audience you are writing the essay. What is your agenda? These are very important.
  • Audience is very important. Think about the expectations your intended audience, might have from you.Study your audience’s mind. And prepare well in advance.
  • Find out ideas. Devote some time to thinking about the essay. First, list out the ideas that you have for your autobiography. Then, elaborate on the lists. Jot down all the points which keep travelling your mind. Then, highlight the information and categorise the important points.
  • Ask questions to yourself. Why? How? When?
  • Segregate the thoughts. You can then write on the topic, without any hindrance. This is the best way.

So, have I made it easy for you? Are you relieved now? Yes, you can write incredible autobiographies. Does this help? Now you are aware of how to write an autobiographical essay.

How to Write an Autobiographical Essay?

First step, always use the first person tone. The first person tone includes I, me, my, mine. You should not write in second person. All the attention should be on you. The Introduction is very significant. It should give a fair idea of what is to come. It should give a sneak peek into the autobiography. Describe the events vividly.You can start writing on something which happened mid-way. After the introduction, you need to transit into the real story. Now, you need to tell the readers what is next? Give a good conclusion.

I need to go back here! I missed the various categories of autobiographical writings.

  • The main one is Autobiography. It is the longest story you can write about yourself. You can write it for your own use or for the audience. It covers the story of your birth till you got success and how you ended up publishing the book.
  • The second one is the Memoir. It is based on a particular event of your life. It can be your career, your relationship or any special memory etc.
  • Then comes the Auto biographical essay for college. It is all about convincing the college to admit you into their courses.
  • Then comes the personal essay. It is a writing, which will be close to your heart. It is the narration of a particular event and how it has changed your life.

Coming back to drafting your essay

Create the first draft. You can write on this, without any inhibitions. You can always correct the mistakes later. Just, enjoy the process. Then, proofread your writing. Get some feedback on your writing. Then, write the final copy.

Engulf your audience from the first. You have to create a lasting impression on your probable audience. Then, only they will read further. For sad moments of your life, write down the nostalgic feelings. Make the reader or your audience feel the pain of your life. Each one of us experience similar emotions at some point of our life or the other. So, you have to catch the pulse of the reader. So, it well answers your question ‘how to write an autobiographical essay?’

Examples of Autobiographies

All of us have read an Autobiography.  The list is given below, for you to read.

  • The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank
  • I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou
  • Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama
  • Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler

There are many more. This list is not exhaustive.

Now, you must be thinking, why people write Autobiographies?

Good question. Ask yourself, if you are interested in passing on family related information to your next generation or the generations to come. Or, do you want to record your personal life in writing? You want other people to know about you? You want to spread your philosophies? What is it, actually that you want to share with others?

You are interested in knowing the format for High School Autobiography? Then, read on. Mention the following for paragraph 1 of the Introduction. Your birth date, birth place, parental lineage, Sibling stories, the reason behind your name, place of origin. That’s too may!

In paragraph 2, you can write about your childhood. Your school year related information. Which school you went to, your birthday stories, best friends or friends you hated, favourite pastimes, hobbies and activities.

This is just an overview. You can always tweak your information. You have full liberty to write everything you want.

Publishing your Autobiography

So, you have finished writing your Autobiography? That is just half the work done. Now, what? You can either self-publish the book or get a renowned publisher to publish it for a fee. You can also record on an audio. Your essay has to be marketable, in order to be considered for publishing. Otherwise, no one is going to waste their hard earned money and resources in publishing a lame story. Every publisher wants to get double the returns on autobiographies.

Many people writing their autobiographies feel that their stories are marketable. However, it may not interest others. You need to attract the audience with great snippets of your life. No one likes a boring story. Would you ever waste your time, reading a boring story about someone else’s life? Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

Students have serious doubts on how to write an autobiographical essay?Be it High school college or university, the dilemma continues.You need to write Autobiographical essays during admission. In order to craft a hard hitting story about your life, you need to jot down your points in the beginning. Dig deeper into your life. Try to recall what you have achieved so far, be it on paid basis or volunteering.

You should be able to infuse your personality into the essay. It should not be too mechanical.The goal is to produce a story-telling attitude, however in a professional manner. Students find it extremely difficult to master Autobiographies. They also score less marks in such papers.

Students should go through several published Autobiographies, in order to master them. Students like you should discuss with other students, their thought process and attitudes. Then only, they can come to a conclusion.  Exchange of ideas is very important, in order to master autobiographical writing.

How to write an autobiographical essay for middle school and high school?

After the student’s finish reading samples of this form of writing, they should then start practicing on their own. Answer, the following questions and you can proceed further.

  • Ascertain the number of pages, that you wish to write down.
  • How can you categorically break the information into separate paragraphs?
  • If you want to make the readers image your life, you can also include pictures.
  • You can also include a map, showing where the student lived.
  • Write real-life occurrences in a vivid manner. The reader should be made to feel empathy. There should be a feeling of being amongst the readers.

This is how; you can succeed in writing the best Autobiographical essays.

A sixth grade student can also write his own autobiography. He should just be well prepared and follow the set formulae. He should know the following.

  • “Who are you and where do you descend from?”
  • “Who are your parents and forefathers?”
  • “What have you achieved in your life, so far?”
  • “Who were your neighbours?”
  • “What are your hobbies?”
  • “What are your goals for the future?”

Use complete descriptive sentences. Try and write in paragraphs from the first to the finish. Add heading wherever required. Don’t forget to use power words when starting something new! Have fun with this style of self-writing and really think about all the different phases of your life and why they are important, in order to present the person. Now, I answered your entire question including how to write an autobiographical essay.

If you require more information on this form of writing, you can always take professional help as well. They can help you immensely in teaching you how to write an autobiographical essay.

For, now this is all I have to open the path for impressionable writing.

I'm from Michigan, USA and working as Tutor at My Homework Help Since 2012. The teaching job is very challenging job, but I love to do. I'm helping students with their homework. If you need homework assistance, feel free to contact me!

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