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How to Write a Thesis in 3 Days Without Killing Yourself-In the Trenches and Relax Later On

He conditions existing in the present times, often force people to chase deadlines that are quite difficult for normal people to meet. Hence academics who are always under the pressure of meeting deadlines, completing projects, writing theses, look for How to Write a Thesis in 3 Days without Killing Yourself-In the Trenches. Thesis writing is a little different from composing the regular articles or documents. It requires research and hence a lot of concentration is needed for completing them. However, the present academic scenario, does not give these people too much time for writing thesis properly.

Asking questions

You need to always have a fair idea about the topic of your thesis. The kind of questions it will be asking the world. These things may seem to be really obvious, however many students fail at this very point and cannot define the overall purpose of their thesis. The best of people are able to summarize their entire thesis in just one sentence. The subject of your thesis also needs to be such, that it can be defined in that manner. If you cannot form a hypothesis, then it is best o speak to your supervisor over the matter. Your questions, through your thesis must be able to evoke some thought. This will define the level of clarity of your thesis. Your research will also improve in this manner.

Different stages of your thesis

The entire process of thesis writing can be broken down into various stages. Different details that will be provided during these stages will be dependent on collection of ideas, data. Further analysis of these ideas would be done and then they would be presented in a polished manner. In order to speed up this process and learn How to Write a Thesis in 3 Days without Killing Yourself-In the Trenches, the different stages have to be covered rather briskly.

  • First stage

The sole purpose of this stage is to get down as many ideas as possible on paper without editing or formatting your document in any way. This will ensure that you have given full freedom to your creativity and also overcome fear of failure.

  • Second stage

The second stage would be the one where analysis of data and interpretations are made from it. You have to be extremely rigorous with your writing as well as editing during this stage. Your main aim would be to produce something here that would give a clear structure and carry a logical flow. You can even submit your arguments to a supervisor for reviewing.

  • Third stage

The last stage is of course reserved for polishing your document. You have to take feedback from people and also fill up all kinds of existing gaps in your document. After this process is completed, you would have known How to Write a Thesis in 3 Days without Killing Yourself-In the Trenches. You can also go about and submit it in the library of your university.

Not relying on advisor

You have to clearly understand that the academic advisor is there to guide you. One simply cannot become completely dependent on him or her and look for all answers. Some advisors would simply be too busy to mentor you in any way. There might even be some bad quality mentors on site. The completion of the thesis is solely your job and you should not be expecting too much from other people while doing it. You can always look for direction from your advisor and of course need their nod to graduate. Your agenda needs to be really clear whenever you meet this advisor, especially if you are short on time. It is best go solo as much as possible.

Getting in the groove

As the deadline day for your thesis approaches, you will realize that you will never feel like sitting down and writing your thesis. Even very famous people suffered from writer’ block or simple laziness. This is quite normal; you have to however go on typing, even if it is just a fragment of idea. This is a way of knowing How to Write a Thesis in 3 Days without Killing Yourself-In the Trenches. There are ways in which you can get the inspiration for yourself, hence do things that really motivates you.

Do not write in order

Most students are writing thesis for the very first time and regard it to be some kind of Holy Grail. People are often under the impression that they need to write their thesis in a particular order especially if they are short on time. These also give them a chance for giving final touches in a swift manner. This way is however wrong, even if you are short on time, you should not be writing your thesis in a particular order. There is no hard and fast rule that says you need to begin with your abstract. If one wishes to know How to Write a Thesis in 3 Days without Killing Yourself-In the Trenches, then firstly write you’re abstract in the end.

Marking dates on calendars

Most people, who end up looking for How to Write a Thesis in 3 Days without Killing Yourself-In the Trenches, are those who had dates marked in calendars for writing the thesis. Having this kind of mentality, will inevitable make you take a nap or surf on the internet during the designated time. You need to make use of your working hours effectively if you have days left for completing your thesis.

Writing in bursts

It will help you greatly, if you are writing your thesis in short bursts instead of dedicating long hours for your thesis. First of all the concentration weakens when you are writing for too long. Hence to keep your focus intact, you have to know How to Write a Thesis in 3 Days without Killing Yourself-In the Trenches. You will also have a higher level of creativity during this period. Taking a little bit of rest between bouts of writing is recommended even if you have a deadline ending after three days.

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