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How to Write a Narrative – Tips and Strategies

Narratives are a style of writing for students and teachers that provide an opportunity for writers to share their imagination, creative thinking and all other elements of a narrative. They can be humorous, or like the narrator interacts with the characters in the story. The aim of a narrative is to tell a story. It is written to engage and educate the readers of the subject matter. It is written mostly to entertain everybody. It can either be a fact or a fiction. The main challenge of how to write a good narrative is to attract the readers and keep them engrossed in the story.

Some guidelines on how to write a narrative

Any writing or a text narrates a stores and experience in a more personal way. The writer has to develop a consistent structure for his essay because readers like to read good stories. If the writer does not know, how to write a narrative, he can have look on some guidelines on how to write a narrative listed below:

  1. Topic of the story

Often, when writing an essay, the writer gets to choose the topic on which he is going to write. He should be able to formulate his personal experience and convert it into a good story based on his imagination and creative ability. The narrative should also match with the given topic or theme. Moreover the topic helps the write to write the content matter of the narrative.

  1. Begin by drafting the story

It is not an easy task to write a narrative without planning what is to be written. That is why it is a good idea for the writer to make a rough outline or a draft first before finalizing his narrative. He should make sure that his draft satisfies himself and his readers before he finalizes it. This is a common method adopted by many professional writers.

  1. Elements in the storyline

Stories contain various elements such as plot, characters, theme and setting. These elements attract the readers and make them think and imagine about it. So, a writer should include all of these elements in order to write a good narrative. By adding the elements of a storyline, the writer will come to know how to write a narrative productively.

  1. Writer’s role in the narrative

While reading the story, the readers should clearly understand the writer’s point of view and his role in the narrative. That is while writing a narrative it important for the person to describe his or her experiences in a more personal way and present his viewpoint.

  1. Avoid fluff and meaningless storyline

A story should be meaningful and a clear plot. The write should not include details irrelevant to the storyline. The narrative should make sense and should contain clear and simple text. All these have to be kept in one’s mind so as not to confuse the readers and make them bored.

  1. Describe events in a chronological order

In any text or literature, the past and present events should be described in a chronological order in order to avoid any type of confusion. By doing this, readers will be able to follow the writer’s thought easily with any doubts.

How to write a narrative – features of a good narrative

Writing a narrative is an interesting task for a person. It brings out the imaginative and creative skills of the person. It presents to the readers something to read and ponder about. It also presents the writer’s opinion in a creative way so that readers don’t get bored. Here are some features on how to write a narrative effectively:

  • Clarity and brevity

The narrative should be written in a language that is clear and simple for readers to understand. Avoid repetition of words as it will show that writer himself is not clearin what he is trying to convey.

  • Humor and wit

Any narrative should not be long and serious. Some people are happy-go and might not like to read stories that are dark and sad. Hence, the writer can include some humor and wit to his narrative to cheer up the readers and arouse the interest to read more.

  • Surprise your readers

Most of us like surprises as they cheer a person’s mood. Hence, the writer can add spice to his narrative by including a surprising fact or point to the plot or a particular character. This will increase the reader’s curiosity about the whole story in general.

  • An attractive and eye catching first sentence

The key to a good narrative is its opening sentence. The first sentence of the story should be an attractive one and catches the reader’s attention. Remember, first impressions always count. Hence the write should keep in mind what his opening sentence should be and how to write a narrative with a good introduction.

  • Keep in mind the readers perception

Even though a narrative describes the writer’s opinions and point of view, it should also take into account the reader’s perception of the text. Hence, one should be able convey their message in a simple, clear and comfortable way balancing the writers thought and readers perspective.

  • Including myths, fantasies or fable

Some people love fantasies. Others follow myths or are a fan of fables. Hence, while writing a narrative it is useful to add these elements in the story to make it more interesting to the readers. They give the readers a moral and also a good conclusion to end with.

Ideas on how to write a narrative effectively

While writing a narrative, the writer should be comfortable in penning down his thoughts and imagination. Many students are not aware on how to write a narrative and hesitate to write a story. This feeling can be avoided if they know some of the features of a narrative. Here are some ideas that will help a student on how to write a narrative:

  • Before writing a story or a narrative, one should know the topic or title on which he is going to write. If he creates a catchy title for the topic, he can get the flo to continue his narrative easily.
  • The best thing about a narrative is that one can write whatever he or she wants to write. You can indirectly try to convey your secret message without hurting anyone’s feeling!
  • The writer can include his personal experience, adventures and memories which will make his story interesting for the readers and include them in his world.
  • It is known that laughter is the best medicine for the human mind. Hence, the write can add some jokes and humor to his text and cheer up the readers. These can be from personal experience or made up joke to arouse the reader’s interest.
  • The events narrated can also use the writer’s personal quotes and expression. The writer can use slang, an expression or the local dialect to arouse reader’s curiosity.

How to write a narrative with a good conclusion

Just as the beginning of a narrative is important so is the ending of the story. The writer should be able to conclude his narrative in an interesting and satisfying manner. Here’s how to write a narrative with a good conclusion:

  • Condense the main

One popular method of concluding a narrative is briefly summarize the main ideas and reveal the plot of the storyline.

  • Reveal the plot

Another interesting technique of ending a narrative is to reveal the plot of the storyline or the character’s true identity. The revelation should come as a surprise to the readers.

  • Reflection and ponder

When the story or narrative ends, it should leave the readers to ponder over the storyline and reflect their imagination also. This is how to write a narrative ending and attract the readers.

  • Try to end on a positive note

A positive ending gives satisfaction and contempt to its readers. In the end, the readers should feel that they have read a good narrative.

Hence, while keeping in mind on how to write a narrative efficaciously, the write should also consider his writing skills and techniques. The narrative should be a text that reflects the writer’s thoughts. The reader’s should be absorbed into the narrative’s world and should not consider it only as a story. So, the writer should give a catchy beginning, a consistent middle part and a good ending for his narrative. If one does not know not to write a narrative effectively, then he can go through the tips, strategies and elements given about it in the internet. The readers’ understanding of the writer’s thought is an important factor in a narrative. In short, three things must be found in a narrative namely:

  • An attractive and impressive beginning
  • An interesting plot to pursue the story
  • A surprising conclusion revealing the plot mystery

Keeping in mind the above three points, one can learn how to write a narrative easily and comfortably. Hence go through all these points and present the readers with a fascinating storyline.

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