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How to Write a Narrative Essay with 13 Narrative Essay Ideas?

“You wake up in the morning and after breakfast; you are ready for your school”.

This was your favorite morning because you have no assignment to submit today. The next two days are the weekend. You had already planned for your weekend out with your friends. The first thing you did after reaching school is selecting a place for weekend hangout.

Oh! Oh! Why are so happy? Wait teacher has come with another assignment which will upgrade your grades. But wait. What? What did you hear? The teacher has given another round of narrative essay writing assignment.

It was just a last week’s story where you have submitted five narrative essays for your English literature. You have given a real effort to find narrative essay ideas rather than writing. Though you are good to come up with unique ideas,the writing style wasn’t enough.

How do you manage to bring another topic for a narrative essay? How do you work on writing if you focus on finding narrative essay ideas? How do you get techniques of writing when you faced difficulties in last time? It seems a nightmare in your weekend.

Hey! Don’t upset dear. Your answer is here. In this blog, I’ll clear you about the concept of narrative essay writings. Bring out the points where you need to focus on writing. And this blog will give you the techniques of finding narrative essay ideas. And also gives you different ideas to write narrative essays.

What is a narrative essay?

First, you need to know what narrative essay is if you have no idea about the narrative essay. Here is your answer. A narrative essay means writing an essay with real-life experiences. It will test your writing skill as well as your thinking power.

The basic thing is that in narrative essay everything and everyone is surrounded by one incident on the event. You can’t move your motif to other unrelated facts. Everything should be to the point and whatever you are writing should relate to the event.

Narrative essay is nothing but story writing. It will bring out the writer inside you. Use your creativity to come up with the best narrative essay in your class. With different narrative essay ideas,this blog will guide you to achieve your goal.

What are the main topics that should be on the main focus while writing a narrative essay?

  • Select a topic:

Before you start anything to write you have to choose a topic. It can be anything but should be related to your personal life and life experience. It can be a short road trip with family or a night stay with your best friend. The best thing is about narrative essay writing is either you can choose from your real life incidents or you can create.

  • Creating a narrative essay topic:

It means should be realistic. You can’t write that “I have seen a fairy.” Or “In West Virginia a big crack on earth has been seen.” Creating a realist topic is like, you have not visited carnival past three years but you pick the topic about the carnival.


Discuss the details about the narrative essay ideas later in this blog

  • Choose a perspective:

This is the important part of storytelling. Narrating your story in your point of view is preferable. Readers more enjoy the story if you write it in your point of view. And it is also obvious to explain your experience in words rather than others. You can also use the author’s point of view where you are not the protagonist.

Choosing a perspective is really difficult. If you can’t choose your point of view of storytelling then you can’t start writing.

  • Select the main protagonist:

Now select the hero of the story. It can be you or anyone else. But when you are writing a narrative essay the leading character of your story should be you. As it’ll be your life experience then you have to be the main character.

  • Other characters:

When you have decided the protagonist now you have to line up the supporting characters. If it is based on real life then your family, friends etc can be included in the story.

  • Create a plot:

Writing a narrative story is easy but not that easy as you are thinking. You will face the difficulties when you create a plot and background. You have to describe the nature of the protagonist and other characters. You have to describe how they are related to your story. Why are they important?

  • Use the first person:

As the story will be described from your point of view use your first person is preferable.

  • Less use third person:

There should be no use of the third person but you can’t avoid totally. Sometimes it is needed when you tried to describe some situation or someone else’s feeling or reaction. The second person can be used in the narrative essay.

  • Use dialogues:

When you are writing a story using a dialogue is a clever idea to attract readers. In real life incidents, you can use the use the exact dialogues over any situations. You can also use your own or other or you can recreate the dialogues on the basis of needs. Believe it or not but using dialogues in narrative essays upgrade your storytelling.

  • Build a climax:

A story isn’t a story if it doesn’t have any suspense or thrill in it. And it should be stretch to climax. The story should have a nice and gist climax where readers should be drawn to it.

  • Stretch the plot:

Essay or report or thesis writing is different than a narrative essay.In a narrative essay, every plot should leave a query to the reader and so that curiosity leads the readers to read further. This is how you can stretch the plot.

In what technique a narrative essay should be written?

The above points are discussed about the points that you need to focus before writing. Have you ever thought what technique you should use to write your narrative essay? I tell you one which is mostly used in narrative essay writings, the ABCDE format.

A – Action, B – Background, C – Climax, D – Development, E – Ending. The writing order is ABDCE.

Now you know how to write a narrative essay. Are you still worried? Thinking about what are you going to do about the narrative essay ideas? Yes! I have promised you to tell you the interesting ideas about narrative essay writings. Here is your solution dear;

Narrative essay ideas:

When it is related to your personal life then you have many opportunities to select the best idea.

  1. You can write about your experiences in school days

  • School tour in a museum
  • First experience in the chemistry laboratory
  • The day of a baseball match
  • A field trip to a botanical garden


  1. Write about any kind of vacation you took or about to take

  • Summer or winter vacation
  • Celebrate summer Christmas
  • A short trip with family to grandparents’ house
  • First experience in beach
  • How you see the mountain


  1. Write about your short event that you’re experienced recently

  • Home alone for a night
  • Some spooky experience when you are returning home
  • Jungle prank with friends


  1. Write about experiences that challenge you

  • The time when you overcome the fear of height
  • You saved someone from fire though you are afraid of it
  • Spend a day without internet


  1. Life changing moments

  • When you first met your favorite teacher
  • The first breakup which made you stronger
  • The day you start loving yourself


  1. Funny incidents

  • Dipper changing experiences with your little brother
  • Hit a basketball on head
  • Slipped in a canteen with a full plate of lunch


  1. You can write about nature

  • A storm that hits in your area
  • A rainy day with power cut
  • Snowfall is your favorite thing in winter
  • A day spent in high temperature


  1. Your valuable experiences with your performance

  • Singing competition day
  • When you got first prize in dancing
  • Experiences about your first piano performance


  1. You can share some personal journey

  • Lonely train journey
  • Met a stranger in a bus
  • The irritating lady at the bus stop


  1. Tell about your kind works

  • You helped an old lady to cross the road
  • Took a stand against violence in neighbor’s house
  • Clean your locality
  • Planted tree in an event in your area.


  1. Share an experience where you get hurt

  • First bike ride leads you to hospital
  • Basketball broke your bone
  • A night in the hospital


  1. Write about something major event which has happened globally and tells how you felt about it.
  2. You can tell about some personal experiences like.


  • Like your best friend misunderstood you
  • You had to choose between maths or match
  • Building a new friendship
  • What if you have a sibling?

Now you know how to write and what to write about the narrative essay. The narrative essay ideas that are given above have given you multiple scopes of experiments.

If this blog helps you to think about different ideas about narrative essays then share this with your friends. Help them to write a good narrative essay with different ideas.

I'm from Michigan, USA and working as Tutor at My Homework Help Since 2012. The teaching job is very challenging job, but I love to do. I'm helping students with their homework. If you need homework assistance, feel free to contact me!

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