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How to Write a Good Research Paper Introductory Paragraph – Tips and Strategies

It is part of the academic curriculum for any college or university student to submit a research paper on the assigned topic or subject. When students start to write their paper, they have to give a good research paper introductory paragraph in order to score high. An introduction is the starting section of any write up. Students often find it a challenging task to come up with a good research paper introductory paragraph for their paper. They should clearly define the topic of the paper and present a context and logic for the work and express the required questions and theorem. In general, the introduction should help the readers to understand what the work is about and explain the basics to them.One must know that well written introductions get the reader’s attention and communicative the objective of the research work.

How to create a good research paper introductory paragraph

Now the test is to write a good introductory paragraph. Before starting the paper, one must know the factors that will lead the readers to go through the research work. A good introductory paragraph is the key to attract readers to read the paper work. Here is how a student should write a good research paper introductory paragraph:

  • Define the objective or theme of the research work

The introduction of the research paper should define the topic or title of the research work. The first few sentences can be written in the form of research questions which will arouse the reader’s curiosity about the research work and will elicit the researcher’s passion and dedication of the research work.

  • Being original

The introductory paragraph should not be plagiarized and must be original. Originality of writing will increase reader’s interest in the work and also depict the writer’s talent. It should not be copied from somewhere and be created by the writer himself.

  • Highlighting the keywords or key terms

The researcher’s investigation should be clearly explained in the introduction so as not to confuse the readers.This can be done with the help of key words and key terms. They should be defined clearly in the introductory paragraphs so that readers can get an idea of what they are going to read about.

  • Be logical while introducing the research paper

A good research paper introductory paragraph should be consistent in introducing the research work to the readers. It should reason out investigation in a logical manner and arouse the reader’s curiosity and involvement in the research work. A clear and logical introductory paragraph leads to the actual research analysis and findings.

  • Use anecdotes or quotations to introduce the topic of the paper

Anecdotes or quotations are great techniques of introduction. By using them in one’s research paper, the researcher is attracting the reader’s attention and making them inquisitive of the investigation. So, one can use these techniques to write a good research paper introductory paragraph for his work.

  • Review what you have written

After creating and writing out the introductory paragraph of the paper, the writer must review what he has written so that he can get an idea of how to carry out the next section of his thesis. This will also give him a flow and make him realize what to write next.

Some features of research paper introductory paragraph

Having given some techniques of writing a good research paper introductory paragraph, one must know the key features and characteristics that make up a good introductory paragraph. Having a good introduction is the key to bringing the reader’s attention. Here are some of the features of how a research paper introductory paragraph should be:

  • A good research paper introductory paragraph should have a catchy and an attractive title. As soon the reader reads the title he should be curious as to what the research is about.
  • The introduction of the research paper should also clearly explain the title or theme of the research. Readers must be able to grasp the theme of the project.
  • The introductory paragraph can also begin with interesting anecdotes and quotations so as to involve the readers in the reading.
  • A good research paper introductory paragraph should be logical and perceptive by engaging the readers into its content.
  • Make the introduction brief and simple so that readers don’t feel bored.
  • Some other techniques to catch the readers interest is by asking a question, highlighting the key words or making an emotional request to the readers.
  • Finally, try to engross the readers and persuade them to read more by explaining the context the subject matter of the research work and giving your findings.

Some ideas of creating research paper introductory paragraph

The introduction of any research or paper work should arouse the curiosity and interest of the readers. The first sentence of the paragraph should subsequently lead to the next few sentences. All the sentences must connect with each other and subject matter of the research work. They should also set the objective of the thesis statement. Here are some of the elements that should be included in the research paper introductory paragraph:

  • An attractive and attention grabbing first sentence

The first sentence of the introduction should be catchy and attract the reader’s attention. Remember, first impression is the best impression. So, the writer must create a first sentence such that it catches the reader’s eye.

  • Surprising facts as a beginning

Always, when you begin, it is necessary to add a little spice to the beginning. This will make the reader a little more engrossed in what you are going to present. It will also add a little fineness to the introduction of the research paper.

  • Adding humor to the introduction

People always like it when something humorous pops up in their lives. So why not add a little humor to the introduction? It will also jazz up your research paper and add a little more reason for someone to have rapt attention while reading your research paper.

  • Quotations of famous personalities

We all look up to famous personalities, don’t we? So, wouldn’t it be nice to add some quotes? So, if the reader has a thing for quotes, and he is not sure whether the writer does too, he will stop and think. And if you add some quotes, the reader will be relieved that another person too has a thing for quotes, and so, without hesitation, he will continue reading.

  • Anecdotes to explain

Everybodyloves to hear a story. So the researcher can introduce his paper work with an anecdote and explain his research work. Not only will the readers be fascinated by it, they will also be engaged in the writing.

The many reasons for a good research paper introductory paragraph

First impressions are always the best impression. The introductory paragraph is the road to a good research paper work. Here are some of the reasons on why one should provide a good research paper introductory paragraph:

  • The opening paragraph of a research paper will give the readers an insight into what the research work is about and will contain a simple and brief objective of the work.
  • The readers will be impressed with the style of writing, the researcher’s objective, logical and analytical skills and hence will be interested to read further.
  • The researchers introduction will convey the subject matter of the research work and hence the readers will understand what the paper is about
  • It is through a proper introduction that the researcher will be able to convey what the topic is, how important is the research in that particular field and how one wants to proceed further with the discussion.
  • The introduction will also give a better understanding of the research analysis and how one is going to carry on with the paper.

Hence, one has to keep in mind the following tips and strategies on how to write a good research paper introductory paragraph. They should also know the reasons behind writing a good introduction for a research paper. While writing the introduction, one should keep in mind the features of a good introductory paragraph. They can also follow the ideas and use the techniques for creating a good research paper introductory paragraph. The opening paragraph attracts the attention of the readers and increases their curiosity and interest in the research work conducted.The value of the introductory paragraph is such that it catches the reader’s eyes and defines the objective of the research. Three elements must be included in one’s introductory paragraph namely:

  • An eye catching first sentence
  • Informative sentences to pursue the thesis
  • And last but not the least, the thesis objective statement

The key to a successful research paper is the opening clause that is simple, clear and logical. Hence, the information provided here, will help the researcher to face the challenging task of writing a good research paper introductory paragraph and will help him build his paper work easily without any hurdles successfully.

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