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How to Write a Critical Essay – Tips and Tricks

All of us have grown up, writing essays. Isn’t it? It is a part and parcel of academic life, starting from school to university.In KG, we used to write essays on the sun, the moon, the stars and gardens and what not? As, we grew up, we switched to more elaborate topics, like electricity, invention, vacation holidays and many more.

All of us have encountered a variety of genres in essay writing.  My mother used to run after me, when as a child, I used to escape my homework and went out to play with my friends. I can recall the sleepless nights, when I was beaten up and forced to write essays the whole night. Gone are those days from my life, however it is there in the academic life of the current generation. Today I will tell you how to write a critical essay.

Critical Essay – The word selection ‘Critical’

Let us find out, now. It has both positive and negative connotations. We can analyse it in a positive or a negative manner. It basically means, interpreting, analysing or evaluating a topic. It is all about taking an impartial stance and presenting your un-biased views on a certain topic.  Take the example of the Movie ‘Baby’s Day Out’. You ought to remember, how to criticise the loopholes, the villains or the way certain situations were presented in the movie.

Weren’t some parts totally unbelievable? That is what crossed your mind at that instance. Forget the best parts; you had cracked the movie script open right on your seat.

So, have you ever thought about the critical essay? How it’s written, how the points are presented before the reader? And so on. We will present it today.

Characteristics of a Critical essay

Critical essays can be written on a variety of topics like, films, story books, novels, art, literature, real-life scenarios, political situations, sports and so on. Today we will learn how to write a critical essay.

  • The main part of a critical essay is the thesis statement. It should give the readers a clear idea of the ultimate motive. The argument is the main part here.
  • Then comes the presentation of the evidence. You can give a variety of support to the thesis statement. They can include dialogues, imagery, words, pictures, publications and any other supporting material, that you can lay your hands on.
  • Conclusion is the most important part of any kind of essay. The conclusion is the summary. It is the final belief that you are able to instil in the readers.

Tips to write the best critical essays

  • Practice is the key:

Stay put on your subject. Read actively, through all kinds of reading material. Learn by reading all kinds of material. It is an essential part of learning how to write a critical essay.

  • Read sample essays:

Study the structure of critical essays. It is extremely important to learn how to structure an essay in the first place. It should be well-organised and beautifully presented, point by point.

  • Do not summarise –

Most importantly, practice elaboration and not summarizing. It will help you in writing critical essays.

Now, I can present a variety of Critical Essay topics for you. Take the example of the Video Gaming Industry. Let us see, how it affects the children in today’s generation. Video games are ruining the growth possibilities of kids in today’s times.

The morning paves the way for video games and so does after school activities.  It is keeping children away from productive activities and sports and other peer activities. The lids are always glued to video games screen and thus neglect outdoor activities. This is in turn, taking a toll on the health of the children. Health issues like obesity, is creeping up in today’s generations.

Other Critical Essay Topics are:

Use of Cannabis among teenagers in developed nations is atopic that needs a lot of afterthought. We all know the harmful effects; it can have on teenagers. They are not yet grown-ups and not kids anymore.  Still, it has been legalised in many countries. People use it for other purposes, leaving therapeutic reasons aside. It degenerates the nervous system in the long run, we are all aware of that. We should write on such topics that can improve the stability and health of the generations who are going to take the country forward.

Other topics include International Trade, Inflation, Juvenile Crime, Violence against women, Islamophobia, Multicultural workforce to name a few. The list is endless.

How to write a critical essay?

  • The first step in writing a critical essay is to identify the assignment questions. Read the Guidelines and Instructions well and ask your teacher, In case of any doubts. This best part, which can give you a great start.
  • Read the topic inside out. A critical essay is generally written on a film, novel, sports event, book, art form, article or any other topic of importance. Something that would interest the reader is your critical essay topic. Go through the target properly, in its entirety. Do not leave a stone unturned. It will help you in slicing it open for procrastination.
  • Take notes as you proceed through the target text. Read on the topic and also surf the internet. You will get a host of views from various sources.
  • The next step is to review the points that you have jotted down. Try to identify the problem areas and the strengths of the target. It will help you to create more pros and cons. You can arrive at the solution to the problem.
  • Research well. That is half the battle won. Always, read thoroughly, on whatever you can lay your hands on. In today’s world, the list is endless. You have so many sources to read from. Do not neglect any single source of material you can read through.
  • Evaluate all the material that you have collected so far. Try to find out more, about the truthfulness of the material. Choose sources that bear someone’s name, as that can be really genuine. Read above possible biases.
  • Next, just read on. Try to read as much as possible. This is the best way to learn how to write a critical essay.
  • Now, when you are done with all these, develop your thesis. It should be detailed. Do not miss out anything. It should give abird’s overview of what is to come after that.
  • Try to jot down the points and create a broad outline of the subject matter. Create a great impression with skilful use of words and sentences. They should create a powerful impact on the readers. Guide your readers well. Give proper reasoning to your readers.
  • Segregate your essay into paragraphs. Discuss, different facets of the topic, you are discussing.
  • Last, but not the least. Create a great conclusion. It should hammer the point right into the minds of the readers.

Now, you can start revising. Imagine the audience’s reactions and probable questions that could come up.  This will help in clarifying any doubts, that you may have.

Strategies for Critical Essay writing examinations

Learn how to write a critical essay with these wonderful strategies.

  • Always try to find out more information about the examination assignment format. Ask your teachers whether there will be an option or not? When you are preparing these essays for an examination, keep the pointers, given by your teachers in class.
  • Read more from reference books and guide books on the topic. Also, refer to the notes that you had taken in class. Find out the trending topics. Memorize your key points, if you have a fair idea of the options that would be given to you for writing critical essays.
  • During the examination, read the instruction manual carefully. Manage your time nicely. Divide your paper as per distribution of marks. Always, leave some time for a quick revision. Attempt the easy questions first. There is a bit of thinking involved in critical essay writing. Leave it for the end. So, that you can wholly concentrate on the essay at hand.
  • Try to write as much as possible in sentence and paragraphs. However, also include bulleted lists. It makes reading comprehension easier. Always, uses examples when writing the critical essay. You can find these points in any book aiming to teach you about how to write a critical essay.
  • Plan the essay first. Create an outline of the essay in your mind. Create a central thesis. Organise the sub headings in linear manner in your brain. Think of the order that you are going to maintain. Now, pen down your thoughts.Categorise your essay into an introduction, body and conclusion. The main idea should be placed in the body.If you can, write the body first. Check for spelling errors, grammar errors, wording selection and other issues.

Better still if you are still in confusion, take writing help from professional companies. They can assist you in getting the best original essay. There are online tutoring sites, which can also teach you how to write a critical essay.

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