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How to Write a Autobiographical Sketch – Tips and Strategies

As part of college or high school academics, students are asked to write an autobiographical sketch as part of their essay writing curriculum. This could be a challenge for many students as they will be on a dilemma about who to write about and what to write about. But thanks to introduction of computers and internet, this challenge can be easily overcome. There students can search for some tips and strategies on how to write a autobiographical sketch.

Now, what is an autobiographical sketch? An autobiographical sketch is a simple story that focuses on one’s own life and experiences. A unique feature of this type of essay is that it is self-centered or ego focused. It is a chance for the student or writer to stand out and tell more about one’s self. Here are some features of an autobiographical sketch:

  • Story

An autobiography is a story of one’s life and is usually connected with the events happening in one’s life.

  • First person narrative

This is another distinct feature of an autobiographical sketch. First person narrative is a style of writing where the story is written and narrated by the person who has gone through the events.

  • Progressive –

An autobiography is usually written in a chronological order where the events are narrated in a progressive manner according to time it occurred.

  • Major event –

It is generally misunderstood that an autobiographical sketch narrates all the events in one’s life. However, this is practically not possible and hence simple and logical to include only important and major events that occurred in the lifetime.

  • Self-analysis –

By writing an autobiographical sketch, a person is also able to self- evaluate and reflect his own thinking, character, personality, etc.

So, keeping in mind these features of autobiographical sketch will be helpful to a person on how to write a autobiographical sketch.

5 effective steps on how to write a autobiographical sketch

Like any other written script, an autobiographical sketch also have a good introduction, an exciting setting, interesting characters, important events and of course a good conclusion. A sketch is an outline or a draft which will contain these elements in a simple and brief manner. Before the writer sets to write an autobiographical sketch, he should know how to write one. Here is a list of five effective steps on how to write a autobiographical sketch:

  • Planning the sketch –

Before starting to write an autobiography, one should be able to plan what he is going to write about. He should define his objective or purpose of writing about himself or herself. Hence, he plans a sketch or outline of what, whom, when and where the events in his life occurred. The writer should briefly sum up his ideas or thoughts.

  • Choosing a credible story that is theme focused –

The writer should choose a story that describes his special experiences that make the person who he is at present. The story must have details of what special things the writer achieved during his lifetime and should focus on the major events of his lifetime.

  • Getting the reader’s attention –

Another important step while writing one’s autobiographic is to capture your reader’s attention. The reader is the main audience of a narrative. So, the story one writes about himself must be interesting and arouse the curiosity of its readers and persuade them to read more.

  • A strong body or content –

The next step is to create a strong content which build up the body of the autobiography. This is important and gives the self-narrative a new and interesting storyline to write about.

  • Concluding the autobiography –

While pondering on how to write a autobiographical sketch, the writer should also consider on how he is concluding his self-narrative. The conclusion should be surprising and bring out the writer’s real personality.

Tips and ideas on how to write a autobiographical sketch effectively

It is important to know how to write a autobiographical sketch if the writer wants to write something about himself. One should consider the reason why he is going to write about himself as this information will help him decide what to write about. Some instances where the person is asked to write an autobiographical sketch is for an employment purpose, or during a written test or for a contest or competition. In these circumstances, the writer should give a brief outline about himself in the form of an autobiographical sketch. Here are some tips and ideas on how to write a autobiographical sketch effectively:

  • First of all a person should know the basic details about himself. This information is the base for an autobiographical sketch. He should know his full name, birth date, birth place, parents name and all the other necessary basic details about himself.
  • When collecting basic information about oneself, the writer should also be able to list all his achievements and influences during his lifetime. This is important to add spice to the narrative and brings out one’s own true nature and character
  • The autobiographical sketched should be written based on true incidence or event. It should not have events that are false or sham.
  • Another key factor to keep in mind while writing an autobiographical sketch is the chronology of events. If the events narrated are not in an orderly way then readers will be confused about when exactly they occurred.
  • Lastly, before finalizing the sketch, one should verify all the details whether they are accurate and true.

So keep in mind these tips on how to write a autobiographical sketch of yourself before actually starting to write.

Sources of information about oneself on how to write a autobiographical sketch

One of the important things while brooding on how to write a autobiographical sketch is from where he is going to get information about himself. How is he going to know about his past? A person cannot remember every single detail of his life experiences. He has to collect it from a reliable source. So here’s a list of sources of information about oneself on how to write an auto biographical sketch:

  • Photo albums

They are a good and authentic source one can rely upon. They are snapshots of one’s past events. By going through old photos, one can get remember and be able to relay to the photo and get some useful information about himself.

  • Asking close family and friends

Another good way of knowing about one self, their childhood and past memories is by asking one’s close family member and friends. These people will know more about oneself and give you every detail they know about you.

  • Going through treasured antiques –

Many of us treasure our childhood things like our first toy or first school pen. We keep them safe as they are close to us. By going through these treasured things, a person can bring back old memories and remember important events in his life time.

  • Grandparents

Another cheerful source where one can get information about self are from one’s grandparents. Grandparents will know more about you than your parents or yourself.

Hence, the above are pointers of information about oneself on how to write a autobiographical sketch. By searching for information about one-self with the help of these sources, a person can know more about himself and his achievements and influences during his lifetime. The writer can spice up his autobiographical sketch by including personal quotes from his life or using famous people’s quotes. The autobiography should be written in the first person narrative, can include personal and famous quotes, dialogues and describe the settings the events took place. When deciding on how to write a autobiographical sketch, the write should choose a good introduction, middle part and conclusion for his or her readers. He should be able to attract the reader’s eye and push them to read more about the author.

Four things on to always remember on how to write a autobiographical sketch:

  • Be yourself while writing
  • Know about one self before writing
  • Be confident about yourself
  • Be true to your memories

On a final note, the writer should know that a good autobiographical sketch should balance the writer’s reflection and reader’s curiosity. Start with a good beginning, continue with the important memories and end with a surprising point to add spice to the narrative. In an autobiographical sketch, one will bring back his past memories and revive themselves with childhood days. It cannot be denied that writing an autobiographical sketch is a happy and exciting moment for one self. By travelling through one own timeline, he learns more about his past and future which will help him decide his present course of actions. He can decide his future by going through his past and present days. The conclusion on how to write a autobiographical sketch should be linked to the event narrated in the beginning and the final statement highlighting an important lesson learnt by the writer and make himself and his readers ponder over the incidences.

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