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How to Select Topics for Debate Competition in English

Choosing topics for debate competition in English may want you to do some brainstorming. The best way in which you should choose a debate topic is to analyse the participant’s level of intelligence as a group.

The participants should be aware of the issue that the debate topic wants them to discuss. Only then will there be justice done to the topic. In addition, the topics for debate competition in English should neither be too easy nor too difficult for the participants.

Some topics that could be discussed in a debate

Go for some general and concrete topics that could discuss any social cause or governance. You could also select any topic that is specific to the students expertise. This could be some economics topic for students who are studying commerce or some topic on literature for those studying arts.

You could choose a topic that is general and consistent with the theme of the event. If it is a particularly big event then the audience could also be given the power to suggest some specific areas that needs to be discussed. The topics for debate competition in English coming directly from the audience will actually be more engaging and interesting.

The approach to the debate topic

The problems that generally arise when the participants are asked to speak in a debate is that in most cases people are shy. The debate topic should be such that it should be ice breaking. It is best for the debate topic to focus on something that is going on around us right now. Debaters need to however be up to date with what is going around them be it in the form of news or other sources of information.

Always make sure that the topics for debate competition in English are such that the subject is relevant to the audience and that which does not have a single right answer.

Do not however choose topics that could hurt the sentiment of a group of people. The audience should be open-minded to accept both sides of the view.

The key elements to choose the right debate topic

Here are a few pointers that you should consider when you choose the topics for debate competition in English.

  • What topic will interest the audience and the participants
  • Which topics do you think will be fun to discuss about
  • Is the topic beneficial to discuss upon
  • Does the discussion increase the understanding of the issue discussed

The topics should not be personal to anyone. The topic should be such that many should have a stake in discussing it. The topic may be relevant politically or socially or something that has been covered in the media.

The topic that you choose should also be framed carefully. The case to be discussed should be concrete and should not be something in random. The topics for debate competition in English should be such that it should be easy to analyse and criticize it.

If the topic is such that you are comfortable sharing your views on it then that makes a good topic. Do not choose topics that could be close to ones heart because it could happen that the participant may feel that he is being personally attacked in such a case.

Choosing the right topic for the debate

The following pointes stated below will help to choose the right debate topic in English.

  • The topics for debate competition in English should be debatable and specific
  • The topic should be such that it creates opposing arguments. There should be sufficient number of people arguing for it and almost an equal number arguing against it.
  • Look for topics that are relevant today. This could be something that is the highlight in news these days or any other current topic
  • The topic should be covered in the media presently
  • Stay away from topics that could hurt any religious sentiments
  • The topic should be interesting so that the audience talk about it even after the discussion is over
  • Choose topics that are complex and that which may require serious research
  • Every participant should be able to discuss the topic with equal authority
  • The topic should be such that people do not feel hurt when it is discussed or criticised.

Narrow down the choices

Rank the debate topics based on what you think the participants would be most interested in discussing about. Place the best topic that you consider first.

Every debate topic should be general in nature. The most important thing that should be considered when choosing the debate topic in English is what you think will the people like. Or you could look for ideas that you think that people willactually ponder about.

The topic should be relevant in the time and place. Finding the right topic for your debate is important because it is important that the audience feels excited to hear about it.

Search for topics online

There are many ways to begin the search for the best debate topics in English. First take time and brainstorm yourself. You are sure to come across many ideas that are fresh and you would think might make a good debate topic.

Once you are out of ideas yourself then do a simple Google search to make a list of debatable topics. The topics would revolve around what is going on right now or what is most relevant today.

Tips to conduct a debate

The following steps should be followed when you conduct a debate.

  • First introduce the topic –

Choose the topic that the participants will be able to relate to.The participants should be able to understand the issue

  • Assign the two sides of the debate. Divide the group and let them research and then debate on the issue
  • Give ample time to research –

The students will need time to read on the topic and build around it. Give them sufficient time for the same.

  • Keep track of the time spent –

The speaker has to be time bound too. So there is a time limit to research and then to present the case.

  • Make a judgement –

The winner of the debate will be the one who has presented the case strongly and supported his arguments with ample example.

Debating is a skill

Whether you are a naturally born debater or not it is important to structure and to present your opinion. Debating isalso about have a persuasive and a confident speaking skill.

You could choose your own topic when you are gearing up for a debate. Make sure that the topic that you choose is interesting and informative and that which is a fit for your audience. You need to brainstorm on the topics and choose some topics that are interesting and that which will help to get the opinions to stir.

Tips to choose a debate topic

Before you finalise on a debate topic here are a few tips that can help you to choose the right topic.

  • Choose the topic carefully –

You may be tempted to choose a topic that you think may be personal to others but do not do that ever. The topic that you choose should be such that a wide variety of people would be having a stake to discuss on the topic. This could include some topics that are the highlight in the media or that which is politically relevant.

  • Frame the topic carefully –

The debate topic can be diverse and general so you need to concentrate on the case to discuss. Have a situation that is concrete and have examples for the participants to discuss on. This will make it possible to make the data and the viewpoints to be analysed and also criticised effectively.

  • The topic should be such that the participants are comfortable discussing it –

The participants would be arguing either for the topic or against the topic, so make sure that the topic that you choose is such that both the sides are comfortable discussing. The opinions will be criticised and thus stay away from choices that could be highly personal.

Your audience should be wowed

With the many topics for debate available you may end up getting some really informative and interesting arguments. But it is also important that the participants understand and support the topics for debate competition in English which will impact the overall performance and the way in which the participants deliver the speech.

The topics for debate competition in English that you select should be something that the participants will like and enjoy talking about.

  • The topic should not be so broad that the participants are overwhelmed with information.
  • The topic should also not be very narrow to not get enough information on it.

You could stick to something that pertains to your area or something that is creating hype in media. Give your participants ample time so that they are  able to start early and research on the topic well. This is important to avoid any form of anxiety.

Be it school, college or a large event, debates play a very crucial role in bringing out ideas and sharing information. Participating in a healthy debate gives one a broad perspective of the topic and thus it is important that the debate topic be chosen such that it helps to create an impact in the audience.

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