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Here are Some Tips on How to Solve Assignment Problem with Example

Wonder how many times you have started at your assignment not knowing where to start. If you do this then trust me you are not alone. Almost every student faces this problem where they do not understand the right way to solve an assignment.

How to solve assignment problem with example?

This is something that has to be pondered upon. It is important to be planned or else you end up spending your days and weeks just staring at the assignment without getting a solution as to where to start.

Tweak the way you think

An assignment is a way to test your knowledge on a subject or a topic. It is a great learning tool. But for most of them assignments feel like a real burden. How to solve assignment problem with example? Understand how this can be done with the following steps below.

Too many assignments are daunting and the first step to do an assignment is to start the assignment early. You need enough time to plan how you would be doing the assignment. You also need time to research on it and then revise it once it is done. If you end up rushing to complete the assignment to meet the deadline then you will end up missing out on some fine points. Your assignment will also be a full lot of errors and mistakes.

How to solve assignment problem with example? Starting early is the key to accomplish your goal. Once you have something written down either on paper or on your laptop, you will start creating ideas to improvise upon it.

Plan out your assignments

How to solve assignment problem with example? Plan it out well which will make the assignment interesting to do and you would also start finding the otherwise boring task to be enjoyable.

When you plan well you will be focused and also not lose track. Check the worth of your assignment and know what is the percentage mark that it carries in your final assessment. That way you will know how much time you should actually be spending on the assignment.

The marking schedule is very handy because it lets you focus on the key parameters on which the lecturer would be marking you. You will be clear on how the markings would get assigned to you. This lets you know which aspects of the topic you should be focusing on more and which topics are to be left out.

Read the assignment question thoroughly because it will give you hint on areas that should be focused on. The next step is to collect material that will help you to complete the assignment. This includes research material, reference links, writing drafts etc.

Every task that you do needs to have a deadline. Small deadlines will let you achieve the final deadline with ease. It will let you break up the tasks in to smaller parts and thus you will feel motivated on seeing that the assignment is getting completed on time. Each task has to be assigned a deadline and this deadline has to be decided by counting backwards from the date the final assignment is due.

Read and understand the question

If you are wondering how to solve assignment problem with example then this is the secret to it. The answer to your doubt lies in the assignment question itself. Read the question slowly and try to understand every aspect of the question. You should know what the question expects of you.

The things that you should ponder over are:

  • What is the question asking me and what is the topic about?
  • What does the question exactly mean?
  • How should I approach this question?

A smart way to break down the question and not miss out its important parts is to read the question carefully and then write it down in your own words. There will be some instructional words in the question like whether to compare, analyze or contract etc. Also make sure that you check the dictionary to understand the meaning of each word in the question. The topic word is what you need to focus on. The restricting words are those that will limit the topic for you and let you concentrate only on the specifics.

When you go about researching on the topic to be written for the assignment, have a separate folder or file where you keep collecting and saving material that you come across. This way you will have everything handy with you when you actually begin to write the assignment.

Give your assignment an outline

The major mistake that many commit when they want to know how to solve assignment problem with example is that they stick to make a final version of the assignment first. This is not the right way to do it. You cannot expect to get the assignment right at the first go. So always start with a draft.

When you draft an outline then it gives a structure to your assignment and you know how to go about the assignment. You should also make note of the marking method of the assignment. This will let you know what the lecturer expects from the assignment and how should it be structured. It highlights on things that should be included and things that should be omitted.

Create an outline of the assignment with headings. This will let you know what information has to be filled below the heading.

Like for example you are writing an essay assignment. The basic structure for most of them will be similar. The broad structure can be listed as under.

  • Introduction –

This is the place where the topic will be introduced and the purpose of writing the assignment will be explained in brief. The introduction will also highlight what purpose the assignment will want to achieve.

  • Discussion –

This section will be divided into many paragraphs and here you will put in points that you would be discussing for or against the topic on which the assignment is to be written. There will be ideas discussed with supporting examples.

  • Conclusion –

This is where you will be restating the main argument and be evaluating your ideas. The conclusion is where the total topic will be summarized in short. Here you will not be introducing any new information.

How to solve assignment problem with example gets very simple when you follow this simple structures and tips.

Find the relevant information for your assignment

Research on the topic that you wish to write on. Find information from reliable and relevant sources. You could get information in a course material and other websites. There are online as well as offline sources that you can depend on to get the right information.

After you get the information you will then have to evaluate this information to know what is right for you. Research the points on the internet and also think for you to evaluate the information.

Start writing the assignment

Once you get all the relevant information it is time to start writing it down. Bring all the information together and put it down on paper.

Your first draft is where you use the outline of the assignment and fill in the gaps that have been created. Write the main points in each section. It is not important to word it right, at this stage just right what comes to your mind. Do not spend a lot of time trying to make the assignment perfect in the first draft itself.

After you are done with the first draft it is time to fine tune your writing. Revise the content that you have written and check if it has everything that you wanted to include. Check the wordings and see to it that the writing is flowing well. You may want to check it again the next day to see if what you have written is making sense and that the topic is flowing well.

Proofread your assignment

This is the last step to lean about how to solve assignment problem with example. In This stage you improve on the assignment by making some editing and proofreading it. It is important that before you proofread your work you take a little break and start with a fresh mind.

The following points have to be kept in mind when you proofread your work.

  • Have all the questions been answered. Have you adhered as per the marking schedule?
  • Does the structure seem to be correct?
  • Have all the relevant parts been included?
  • Does the content feel logical and does the assignment feel good to read?
  • Have all the sources been acknowledged?
  • Is the assignment presented well?

Check the grammar and spelling and also makes sure that all referencing has been acknowledged. Number your page and make sure that all your particulars have been mentioned in the assignment.

Now if you are happy then it is time to submit your assignment.

Next time when you wonder how to solve assignment problem with example then go through these above steps that come very handy to help you solve the assignment with ease. It is all about being planned and researching well and also not doing the task in haste but giving it ample time.

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