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Help with Insights on Research Paper Introduction Example

You all have written research papers at some point of your educational life, right? It is integral to any subject that you have studied. A research paper is an academic writing based on research on a particular topic. It can be anything, a dissertation, term paper or a thesis.

Now, let me tell you how to start a research paper and deal with Research Paper Introduction Example.

Selection of a topic

A research paper can start with the selection of the best topic. You should choose a topic that interests you and on which you have a good amount of hold. And a topic that you have selected needs a good amount of research as well. Select a topic, which you can manage well and get a lot of information on.

Finding information on the topic

The entire web world is at your service. In the advanced world, you can get all the information at your fingertips. You can check in encyclopaedias, websites on the topic and the good old library for information.

The Introduction is the main part of a research paper

You have to have the best introduction as claimed by Research Paper Introduction Example. To make people go further into your article. The thesis statement is the main idea or central point of the paper. All your arguments are based on this central point. The introductory statement is shows your level of belief in your topic or research work.

A thesis statement should be:

  • Able to allow your readers to guess the underlying idea of your research
  • Answer the questions
  • Able to present your belief which others might oppose to

Why do we need an introduction in the first place?

Well, I know you will find this the hardest part. First research well on the topic at hand, then research on it. Make notes, find out facts, and take the help of online help websites. In the introductory part, you must explain why you are doing the research in the first place. Its significance is very important.

The main aim of the research paper introduction is to attract the reader.

The next step: Making a research paper outline

The main parts of a research paper are:

  • Title page – This page includes the title, the author’s name, name of the university or college under which you are doing the research paper.
  • Abstract – This comes next. It is a brief summary of what is to come. It can be of 250 words or less.
  • Then comes the introduction. Ah! We have already discussed how important it is.
  • The Body – which can be broken into paragraphs?
  • Materials and Methodologies – This is where you write down the various methods you have used to extract data and the steps utilised herein.
  • Results – Give the findings of your research here.
  • References – That’s important part of the research. Whoah! That’s a whole lot of work.

Online essay help sites have come up with answers to your pains. Now, you can take help from them and get tailor-made essays and research papers. They will help you with best research papers.

You can get customised research papers online from various sites, like grabmyessay.com and a few more. When you are planning to appoint one of these as your writing partner, you should consider the following.

  • Check, to see whether if everything is written in proper English. If you find out grammatical errors including verb mistakes, you can be sure that the site is been operated by speakers of English as second language. The best English can be written by professionals from UK or US.
  • Look for names of the staff that is entrusted with writing your paper. You should get the facility of one-to-one sessions. If not, you are in the wrong place.
  • Look for the terms like anti-plagiarism, confidential, secure on the website.
  • Check to find out more about the qualifications of the writers.
  • Then, the turnaround time is an issue. Always, find out the delivery schedule.

Research Paper Introduction Example

Anthropology Research paper samples – It generally deals with science and research. It deals with various bio-cultural aspects, science and technology, etc. The emphasis is on culture, social behaviour, languages. So, when you are attempting to write a research paper on Anthropological subject, various factors need to be kept in mind.

Management Research Papers – Management as we all know is the administration of a business. It includes accounts management, human resource management, sales management, marketing management, IT management and a few more disciplines. The various management research papers can be based on the following topics.

  • Business Start –ups and issues related to them
  • Women Entrepreneurs
  • Strategic Planning in Organisations
  • Labour Relations
  • Crisis Management
  • Best practices in HRM
  • Global strategies
  • Labour issues
  • Careers in lateral placement

Research Paper Introduction Example: ‘Introduction to management controls a new organisational forms’. This is topic which requires careful research. Abstract – This paper aims at studying the special issues on management controls and new systems.

The various issues that come up, during discussions are changing governing roles in organisations, management control systems and the likes. The paper aims at understanding the roles of management. The keywords used in this type of research paper are managers, organizational structures, supply chain management etc.

Literary Research Paper Introduction Example:

Introduction – The introduction should firstly catch the reader’s attention. It should lead to the body naturally. A strong and specific thesis statement is absolutely essential. If you are writing about an author, then his works should find mention. If you are writing about a period or genre, the write about all the authors involved in that era.

Define the theme, links of the authors and the plot.  Then go onto exploration of the various ideas about the topic. Then, put forth an argument which you will want to support.

Background information is to be studied well. So, you will have to search for the reasons behind writing the essay.  Make a thesis statement. Now, put forward the argument. Break down your thesis into sub-points.

Scientific Research Paper Introduction Example:

Scientific papers need to be written with a lot of patience. They are very demanding and require correct interpretation. You have to mention what you want to research in the topic. Scientific papers require sharing of information with other writers. They are very critical as the evolution of further logic and information is based on your work.

Scientific studies have two kinds of audiences. One side is the journal editor and the other party are the readers. These papers aim at information, not impression. There are five parts of scientific research papers. These are introduction, materials and methods used results and discussions, conclusion.

The introduction states, the motivation for the research work. Why, in the first place, the topic is required to be researched. We need to find out why a certain phenomenon is taking place. Then, we need to convey the reason behind the research. ‘What are we trying to prove?’ Scientific research is based on assumptions.  Why we have assumed something in the first place. The introduction should be clear and logical. It will separate the various scientists and authors of the subject in this manner. The three main words to be mentioned in the introduction are we studied, we investigated and we developed.

I have studied Biology for graduation and will tell you about Research Paper Introduction Example based on this subject.

The introduction describes the purpose for which investigation is being done. You should also state what all research has been done in the past on the topic. You should always research on past works. It can be published, reviewed or primary research material. The introduction is like a funnel. The final paragraph of your research work should include an introduction of your hypothesis statement.

You must remember, a research paper study is incomplete if it is not written for a journal. Various people have various views on the research work. Some may find out the methodology, some the method, some the abstract, and so on. The list is endless.

An introduction needs careful planning. The first part provides background information; the second part justifies the necessity to explore the subject and thirdly, the hypothesis.

The background informs the reader, about the topic. It tries to segregate, what is known and what is unknown about the topic. The author describes the areas which have a question mark attached to it. Reasoning is also extremely important. Citations are also important part of the review. This is all I have to say about Research Paper Introduction Example.

It is very important to be clear in writing the research paper. You should state all the reasons for the research properly. The hypothesis statements, the citation and also the methods are extremely important.

The introduction is the presentation of the discussion and needs to be done in the best possible manner.  It generally does a whole lot of good in in two paragraphs. It is always written in [present tense; you should never forget that.

Thus, you can explore more and learn more on research introductions now.

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