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Great Techniques for Writing Good Narrative Essay Topics

Writing essays is something that we have done since kindergarten. Then, we used to write about the flowers, the sun, the moon and the stars. With time, the topics become more difficult. The complexity increases and so does our expertise. We only need to identify them.

What is an Essay?

“An essay is a short, formal piece of writing with a single subject.”It is written in order to persuade the reader to adopt a belief through evidential support.  Any essay has three main parts. They are introduction, body and conclusion.

  • Introduction –

It gives the reader a brief idea about what is to come. It presents the argument in the form of a thesis statement.

  • Body –

Body is something that provides evidence and makes the reader accept a certain point of view.

  • Conclusion –

It summarizes what you have enforced so far. It is like a ‘hammer on hot iron’.

There are many types of essays:

  • Argumentative
  • Descriptive
  • Analytical
  • Narrative
  • Exploratory, and so on.

Narrative Essays

The main purpose of a narrative essay is to convey to the readers about events, occurrences and experiences that occurred during a particular period in the lifetime of the author. The narrative essay has a vivid setting.

How to write an engaging narrative essay?

The first step is to prepare well. Be clear about your message. Choose the topic properly and find all kinds of information about the same. The first question that comes to your mind is what to write?

The writer pens down his experiences and feelings in the narrative form of essay. You do not need any outside references in order to write this kind of an essay.Choosing an engaging topic is extremely important.

Next, ask yourself what is required of you? Never, write long introductions that could bore your readers. Come directly to the point. Always tell a story that will teach something to the readers. Say the story in your voice. Do not think, what others can have to say. Concentrate on your own thoughts. There are some really good narrative essay topics out here.

In a narrative essay, you need to pen down all your thoughts. You cannot afford to miss a thing. You need to write what you smell, what you see, what you taste, what sounds you hear and so on. The best part about narrative essays is that you can write on almost any topic.

Great Ideas for Narrative Essays

It’s as good, as you make of it. It can be pretty haphazard or well organised. All depends on your ability to convey your emotions. Narrative essays give you freedom of expression. You can use as many descriptions as you like.

There is no one to stop you.If I am not wrong, you can take the example of “The Chronicles of Narnia”. It is a famous movie which uses a lot of vivid concepts. Remember the door inside the closet.

Who would have thought, that there could exist a door behind the closet?It only happens in Narnia, isn’t it?Then, there is Aslan the Lion. Aslan’s character was a major character to the culmination of the movie. Who could have thought of a lion as a major character in a movie?

Mr Beaver was another character in the movie, which is worth mentioning. He is the one who shows the Pevensie children the way to the other world. Likewise, the characters in the movie are also vivid. They have been described to the inner depths.

What is a personal narrative essay like?

This kind of a narrative essay should have an emotional effect on the reader. It should incorporate a lot of sensory explanations and imagery. The opening of the essay needs to tell the reader what you are trying to convey. Then only the reader will find the urge to get into it, further. Next, comes the body of the essay. It needs to clearly convey all the details in the most explanatory manner. The last stanza should give the final closing impression on the reader.

Choosing Good Narrative Essay Topics

There are a lot of narrative essay topics that you could choose from. They are listed below for your reference.

  • If I could go back in time
  • My most memorable experience
  • The most beautiful sound for me
  • My happiest day
  • How I faced my fears
  • How I overcame my phobia
  • My most dangerous experience
  • Do I like being alone?
  • A day without internet
  • Waiting in a queue
  • The teacher who inspired me most
  • How I studied biology
  • My first job

There are many more. This list is not exhaustive. You can come up with any topic under the sun. You just need to prepare well.

Challenges Students Face in Writing Essays

There is nothing more disappointing than staring at the answer sheet during an exam and thinking what to write. The writing process is filled with false starts and lengthy revision process. Organising the paragraphs is also very important. Generating the thesis statementis also another important part of writing good narrative essay topics.

The Role of Thesis statement in good narrative essay topics

It is usually located at the beginning of any essay. It gives the reader an idea of what is there in front. Always, form your thesis statement before writing the main part of the essay. It will attract your reader. It is something, you cannot do without. Your thesis statement should be as clear as water. In general, you will continue to develop your thesis as you revise, so your thesis will rise and gain definition.

These statements take a stand and help you in justifying your narration.  You cannot write any kind of essay, without writing a thesis. Use it cleverly, to generate more interest in the essay. Attract your readers, engage them and proceed deep into your essay.

Let us now go through few examples of good narrative essay topics, just for you.

  • My Most Memorable Teacher –

This is one of the good narrative essay topics.In our lifetime, we come across many teachers. Some of them help us evolve, some nurture us, and some scold us. However, all of them help us to grow in some form or the other. Piggy wrote the essay on this beautiful topic.

“At age 12, I relocated from Philadelphia to Houston. I was sure; my father had conspired against me, to separate me from my friends in Philadelphia. He was really a very bad father. My step-father that he was.My mother’s second husband.A very insensitive gentleman, who cared less for the family and more for his work. He had made this career move to get a long pending promotion.”

“However, I landed in a great school, a great environment. Something, I had never imagined.I met the best teacher of my life there. Mr. Herald showered his love on us. He never discouraged our ideas and beliefs. He very frequently challenged us and asked versatile and difficult questions to encourage us to do more meaningful things and prove ourselves. He played a tough copto us. Through our interactions, he helped us see the usefulness of questioning, probing and other forms of communication.”

“Mr. Herald’s class was a great learning place to be, where we could investigate, brainstorm, ask questions, and produce thoughts from the depths of our psyche. All the students were respectful towards him and one another. If anyone had any altercation with another peer, he stops it instantaneously. Everyone knew of his qualities.Mr.Herald helped me to grow as a student; he made me the complete package I was. What I was capable of doing, with my little means and my calibre was brought to the fore.”

“Every day, Mr.Heraldwished me luck. The moment I was off;he would ask me the reason behind my sadness. He was always therefor me and loved me;I was not among the hundred faces looming in front of him daily. For this very reason,I learned how to utilize my strengths and work on my weaknesses and improve. It was because of him that I could overcome the sorrow my father used to subject me to, everyday.”

This is how a student’s narrative sounds like. A student who loved his teacher like anything. You can feel the emotions flowing out of the story. Telling narratives is an art, which very few can master. If you have problem writing narrative essays, you can take help from professional help companies. Good narrative essay topics are easy to get from professional writers. They have strong teams, who are adept at writing lengthy narrative essay topics. Then, there is no question of plagiarism and you get 100% original content.

You pay the price; they give you the best. That is, it. They will give you customised writings, which can fetch you good marks in school, college and university. You need to give them clear instructions, on your level of academic standard. Then, you can leave the rest to professional writing help companies.

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