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Find out What Is the Best Way to Select a PH D Research Topic?

First of all, I want to congratulate you on your wonderful success in master degree. So what is next? Do you enter in the professional world of 9am to 5pm? Or do you want to build your career in research? Hmm, if you have chosen the second one then you must be hungry for knowledge and discoveries. Not everyone has the patience and intelligence to pursue the doctorate.

So are you ready for further study? Then start the process now and prepare for GRE and TOEFL examinations. They are both is like the entrance exam for the Ph.D. degree. Some of you, who are already determined to become a researcher, had started their preparation from the beginning of MSc. These tests’ scorecards are the ticket to your dream.

But wait it has not finished yet. Give a deeper look into the matter. Whenever you get your scorecard the first thing you need to start is finding a research topic. If GRE or TOEFL seemed tough for you then remember it is more critical. Finding a research topic is not only tough but also the most important stage.

If choosing a subject topic is so important then you need a proper guidance. Without proper guidance, you may fail to create a perfect documentation. In this blog, I’ll explain what is the best way to select a PhD research topic?

Don’t worry your question will be answered soon. Before I start the process I just want you to do one thing. Take a break for 2 or 3 days because next couple of days will be tough and rough for you. Then come home and start what I’ll say regarding “What is the best way to select a PhD research topic?” because the answer to this question will set your future.

The best ways to find a Ph.D. research topic are:

  1. Find your interest:

This is the main part of choosing a topic for research. When you are researching about something that means you are going to spend the next 3 or 4 years with it. If you are not interested and the topic is forced onto you then you can’t be able to complete a doctorate. Believe me; it happens all the time with the students.

So what do you need to do? It is simple. Choose an arena in which you are interested, enthusiast and in love with it. If you now ask, what is the best way to select a PhD research topic? Then I must say this is the first and easy way to choose a topic.

  1. Research on other dissertations:

Start your research on other related topics in the same key field when you have found your key interest. Reading other topics will open your thought and fasten your thinking process. Wide process in the selection of Ph.D. topic, you have to narrow down first. If you can’t do it then millions of research ideas in the research field will blow your mind. Reading them will help you to narrow down in the particular topic in your interest arena.

  1. Look into old ideas:

There are many researchers who are failed to discover new things due to lack of resources. Investigating them will help you to get an initial idea. You can succeed this time with modern amenities and knowledge. Old topics are the resource of knowledge and techniques. You will get to know what the experiments they did to reach their goal. You can also get the idea to prepare your proposal.

  1. Sticking on one topic is a bad idea:

You may have found your topic but only one is not enough. Suppose your key interest is in medicinal plants. Then don’t stick to find their only properties or benefits. Try something new and innovative ideas about them. You can also experiment on different species of plants which considered as poison plant. This is different, isn’t it?

Don’t worry about thinking what is the best way to select a PhD research topic?Just do what I say. This will not only grab the attention of the panel of professors but also enhance your opportunity. You have to prepare yourself for at least five related research ideas.

  1. Professor’s help:

When you are still confused regarding your topics then only one who can save you is your professor. Guidance from your professor will help you to choose the correct topic. Obviously, the professor knows what topics are flowing in the research world and what will boost your career in research.

So keep faith in your professor. If you feel that you are stuck ask your professor, “What is the best way to select a PhD research topic?” He/she will guide you throughout the process.

  1. Your topic must be the first and not done by others:

Keep always in mind if your research topic has done by others then there is no use of choosing it. For example, your topic is to find medicinal properties of ginger. This has already done by others and it is known to all. So choose a topic which hasn’t done by others.

  1. Informative topic:

It doesn’t matter how unique your topic is if you don’t have any information then you can’t do it. While choosing a topic you must keep the uniqueness as well as must be informative. Not exactly your topic but at least you get the knowledge and information what you need to pursue the research. Obviously, you can’t take the ideas which have no information.

  1. The topic should be argumentative and relevant:

When you are done with your topic ideas choose them which are more argumentative. Don’t lose focus from the topic ideas. Once you are lost your topic will not be accepted.

Now it is clear that you know what is the best way to select a PhD research topic? You don’t blow your mind over thinking. Just take a deep breath and start the process. Still, if you have any doubt on you and you don’t want to take the risk then go to a Ph.D. advisor. They are a well-trained professional who will guide you from selecting a topic to prepare your proposal.

Now I have solved your query of what is the best way to select a PhD research topic? Are you satisfied? If yes then don’t wait and share with your friends. Help them to find the Ph.D. research topic.

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