Yasmin Chambers

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Yasmin Chambers is an MS Degree holder in civil engineering from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Cambridge. She is a popular online academic tutor and has been in the teaching profession for the past three years.

Hi, I am Yasmin Chambers. I hail from Austin, Texas and teaching is my passion. Earlier I had also worked with a reputed construction company for two years but then I realised that MNC jobs are not my thing. So, I opted for teaching as a career and it has been three years since then.


I work as an online academic tutor for guiding students in their assignments. In the past three years I have helped 700+ students with their homework. Apart from that I am also associated with some research work in a reputed university.

Association with Myhomeworkhelp.com

Myhomeworkhelp.com has not only given me an opportunity to help out the needy students but has also helped to enhance my teaching skills. The more students I interact with, the more I get motivated for increasing my knowledge bank. I try to contribute my knowledge to the students as much as I can. Although, I have a very hectic daily time-table but I make it a point to write at least 150 to 200 assignments in a week. I find it very inspiring when the students use my assignments as a study material for reference.

Professional skill:

My main focus area in civil engineering is fluid mechanics and transportation engineering. With my years of experience and problem analysing skills I try to guide students to enhance their conceptual knowledge. I have three years of experience for helping students with their assignments globally.