Susan Anderson

Statistics USA


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I completed my Masters in Statistics from NYU and I am presently employed in the Government sector.

Occupation/ Designation:

This is Susan Anderson. I hold a Masters degree in Statistics, and currently I am engaged with a Research and Development Program of the US Government. I have been helping students with their statistics projects for a little more than 5 years and I have completed more than 100 assignments.

Association with

I have always been in love with academics and had I not been working in the Government sector, I would have become an academician. allows me to keep that dream alive. My interaction with students via helps me to learn something new every now and then.

The research I need to undertake for advanced university dissertations has often contributed to my personal gain of knowledge. In return, I believe I have been able to help students with my own knowledge and expertise. The whole process has been beneficial for the students and me in an epistemological way.

I have worked on more than a 600 projects, a large number of them were university dissertations. I have also had the chance to help high school students and it was really fun to make apparently complicated concepts easy and understandable for them. When the projects work out right, the good grades follow.

Professional Skills:

With my expertise in Statistics, I have in the past, helped students who are studying Statistics at the university level. I also help students of economics, social sciences or mathematics, the ones who require help with statistical problems in their projects.

Kaitlyn, USA ( USA )

Accidentally someone recommend about your work. You guys did not disappoint me and I’m thankful for that.

Brian, USA ( USA )

Thanks to the reality of your services. I don’t care what happened with others, but I got 96 marks. Thank you so much.