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Scarlett Pomers hails from the state of California and is currently residing in New York City, NY. Born and raised in Sacramento, she majored in English from the Sacramento State University, obtaining her Masters’ degree in English soon after.

Currently, she is a high school teacher in New York City and an expert in English language for online homework help. Being a native English speaker, she is not only affluent with the language in her vocabulary; she also has expertise in the technical aspects of the language, owing to her tenure of almost 10 years as an English teacher.


With almost a decade’s experience of teaching the subject, Scarlett is well versed with all the requirements a student has regarding their assignments. Starting from descriptive essays to literary analysis, Scarlett is familiar with the standards set by colleges including Ivy League schools for all types of assignments.

She is especially qualified in helping students who have English as Second Language or ESL. With her knowledge of English, she is apt at guiding students, not just with their assignments, but also with the entirety of the language.

She takes up each assignment, however big or small, as a challenge and finishes them with élan. She has proved herself as a teacher and guide in the last four years as an expert in online assignments. Scarlett currently takes up more than 100 assignments each month and is particular about submitting them well before the deadline.

Other information:

Apart from her passion for teaching the English language, Scarlett is also an active supporter of environmental conservation, an avid reader and in her leisure time, a pizza connoisseur!

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A grade. I think I might get A+ in the next time with you guys. Thanks a lot.

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