Sarah Howe

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Mass Balance Oil and Gas Nanotechnology Heat Transfer Applied Electrochemistry Separation Processes

Sarah Howe is a phenomenal online academic tutor and is quite popular amongst her students. Her innovative way of teaching has always been appreciated by her pupils. She got her chemical engineering degree from University of Texas and has been guiding students for the past 4 years.


Hi, I am Sarah Howe! Currently I am working as an online academic tutor with one of the very reputed academic institutions located in Texas. Teaching has always been my passion and I try to help my students to finish their assignments as soon as possible.

Association with

I have been working with for the past 3 years. It gives me immense pleasure to help out students in difficult times. I believe that there is no good or bad student, but not everybody can match up with tight deadlines! So I guide them a little bit so that they can finish their homework on time.

Moreover I also try my best to share my knowledge with them through those assignments. All the written more than 500 assignments but I am always ready to explore more. So I keep reading a lot of journals and updating my knowledge so that I can guide my students appropriately.

Professional skills:

My expertise lies in solving analytical as well as physical chemistry problems. The past four years of my teaching experience have not only enhanced my problem solving skills but I have also learnt a few hacks to help out students in order to finish their assignments within strict deadlines. I am also associated with a few academic forums to guide students in chemical engineering!