Milda Wadham

Electrical Engineering USA


Kirchhoff’s Law Power Electronics Optoelectronics Circuit Theory Voltage Electrical Machines and Drives Industrial Electronics

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Milda Wadham is from California and currently resides in Washington DC. The author has completed the education from the reputed California Institute of Technology and has further pursued the PhD in electrical engineering.

From the very beginning she has interest on different machines and this has undoubtedly helped her to build up a career in electrical engineering. Now, she is employed in a well-acclaimed company in Washington BC as a senior engineer. Her continuous interest on the subject and helped her to pursue as the teacher in the online help service.

Professional skills

Milda possess high amount of knowledge related to the subject and well-versed with the specification of electrical engineering. She is concerned about delivering her knowledge to the current generation and it is only possible wither online or offline. Having a good career in hand, the author has decided to become a part of and help students to acquire right amount of knowledge.

Knowledge and education

She has knowledge on every specific topic related to electrical engineering that includes electronics, electromagnetism etc. The author is capable of fulfilling the requirements of students when it comes to electrical engineering. The 4 years of experience in the field and exact academic qualification has helped to set up the right track record for supplying students.

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More than 500 students have got help from the author and gained the right knowledge on the subject. She takes the initiative in understanding the problem of students and then serving them to fulfill needs. Around 600 assignments have been managed without any errors by the author.