Mia Carey

Electrical Engineering UK


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Mia Carey, MS, PhD from California currently holds the position of an electrical engineering teacher for the past three years in a reputed University in Cambridge. Alternatively she also works as an online academic tutor and is associated with lot of popular academic forums for electrical engineering.

Occupation / Designation:

Hi folks! I am Mia Carey from California. Currently I teach electrical engineering in a reputed University in Cambridge. I also work as a freelancer for a few science journals like the journal of electrical engineering! But, the most favorite part of my profession is working as an online academic tutor for helping hundreds of students across the world to solve their assignments.

Association with Myhomeworkhelp.com:

Myhomeworkhelp.com has provided me with an opportunity to share my expertise and guide students for excelling in their academic career. It also provides me a platform to share my basic concepts with students who feel the need to enhance their conceptual knowledge. I feel it is a platform where I can give something to people just like what I have received from my seniors and professors. I choose to contribute my time to Myhomeworkhelp.com because I feel responsible for helping those students who can utilize my expertise to become successful in life. The most crucial part about working as an online academic tutor is that one can reach out to students globally and guide them as required.

Professional skills:

I hold a PhD degree in electrical engineering and years of experience in the teaching profession with a specific focus on microelectronics! Every month I write more than 120 assignments to help out students who require a longer time to finish each assignment. I believe this way I can contribute towards the development of the society as a whole!