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Qualification and designation

After graduating from the University of British Columbia I have started my career as the chemical engineer in a reputed company. Myself, Megan Campbell and I have successfully completed my graduation in Chemistry and acquired good grades. Now, I am associated with a company that has a good reputation in the market and at the same time enjoying a good position in the company.

I have been the part of the company for the past 4 years and gradually reaching the height of success. It is a tremendous pleasure to have a bright career with my chemistry degree.

Being a part of

It’s not enough to be with the company; rather I feel that my knowledge should be shared with other students as well. During the academic years, it is quite certain that students face difficulties with the subject.

Now, I am associated with the online help service and serving the students for the past 2 years. It gives me immense pleasure to help students who are having doubt on the subject. Till date I have completed 200 projects that include homework, assignment, dissertation etc. I am capable of handling difficult assignments and find out a suitable answer.

Professional skills

As an online tutor, my main objective is to give clarity on the subject and ensure that students have a thorough knowledge so that they can perform well in their exams and gain good grades. This will ultimately help to build up a bright career. Giving a thorough explanation on the subject will allow preparing the assignments in the nearer future.

Phela** ( Canada )

Your chemistry expert is very good. I would like to continue work on another assignment, but only with her. Thanks

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It's ok to choose this website for organic chemistry help. Thanks!

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A good website for chemistry help. Thanks