Mary Merstun

Mary Merstun USA


Thermochemistry Organic Chemistry Electrochemistry Stoichiometry Nuclear Chemistry Equilibrium Concepts

This is Mary Merstun and I have completed my PhD in Chemistry from the Stanford University.

Occupation/ Designation:

Now I am working as the research analyst in the reputed research firm. I have been a part of the company for 5 years now. It is a pleasure to be a part of the leading company. My experience and knowledge has helped me to grow as an individual as well.

Association with the

During my academic years, I have taken massive help from the professors to gain clarity on the topic. Similarly, I want to help the students who are the future of our company in the same way. My knowledge and the field experience will allow students to gain information and stay acquainted with the topic.

I have been a part of for 6 years and have served students from different part of the country. I take pride of successfully handling 500 assignments till date. Students get detailed knowledge on the specified topic. It is possible to manage dissertations, assignments and homework easily once the right help is obtained. Taking up challenges is what I look forward too while managing the assignments of students.

Qualification and skills

Being a PhD holder in chemistry I have the right job in hand. As a research analyst I have the opportunity to explore my knowledge and skills. Having immense knowledge on the subject has influenced me to help students through online help service. The experience has helped me to focus on the subject and allow showcasing the interactive skills to students.