Mary Clooney

Chemistry, Biology, Physics USA


Thermochemistry Organic Chemistry Cell Biology Microbiology Fluid Dynamics Thermodynamics

Hello, I am Mary Clooney. As part of my academic profile, I have obtained a PhD degree in Chemistry with Biology and Physics as my additional from the Princeton University. Currently, my position is that of a Professor with one of the reputed academic institutions of the country.

Professional skills:

From the very initial point of my career, I had wished to join one of the academic organisations to help students with the above-mentioned subjects. Given that, these are some of those subjects wherein students face maximum problems, it was always a dream to help them sort it.

With my PhD degree and professional skills, my primary wish is to ensure that students rather than merely mugging up the facts try to understand the concepts in a detailed manner. Science subjects require analytical study and it is my aim to help students traverse their academic path in that direction.

With my previous work experience, at this juncture of my career – is the perfect job opportunity for me. With a host of online students who come with their set of difficulties, I not only get a chance to analytically explain the concepts to them but also prepare their assignments and homework to help them score high.

This regular interaction with them gives me an opportunity to better my applicable knowledge in these fields and understand their point of view regarding the subject. Thus, on the whole I can surely state that this is the best job profile I could have managed for myself and I am completely loving it!

Jayden, USA ( USA )

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