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Hi, I am Marlon Brando! Being one of the toppers since school, I went on to complete my M.S. degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Computer Science with specific interest in Java. Currently, I am working as an online professor in one of the most prominent academic organisations of the country.

Professional skills:

Post my completion of M.S. degree, my only dream was to help students understand and analyse the concepts of computer science, especially Java – one of the toughest computer languages. Since this is an area where most students tend to lag, my aim was to ensure that they not just memorise the concepts but also integrate them into their concerned work procedures.

As a columnist in The Huffington Post and regular computer journals of the state, this is an area that I have always concentrated on. Java, being one of the primary computer languages is to be used at multiple domains and therefore having clarity on the same is of utmost importance.

Since I am already working as an online educational guide for a reputed academic portal, I believe firmly that my association with will open new avenues for students. Learning Java is not just a general affair but a regular issue – this is the key to understanding the core of this subject.

As part of this portal and with the prior experience that I have, I intend to ensure to the concerned students that this association will be one of complete clarity with certain key points for understanding. I sincerely hope that I am able to provide to the students the key aspects of computer science like a pro!

Bromle, USA ( USA )

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