Lina Seger



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I have completed my MBA from the Princeton University and now working as the finance manager in a reputed financial institution. It is really a pleasure to become a part of the company that is ruling the world. I have been associated with the company for 6 years now and have experienced the growth within the organization.

Qualification and the designation

After the graduation I had opted for the MBA course and have acquired the degree with good grades. My proper qualification has helped me to become a part of the reputed company and since then I have been serving the company. Now, I am the finance manager which I have acquired through my knowledge and skills.

Being a part of

Time is an important factor and I certainly understand the importance of it. As a professional I feel that helping students can allow me to help the society. Students often struggle in the academic years and finding answers to their problem can be an exceptional way to build up their career. I try my best to help the students and give students some relief from their hectic academic life.

Over 1000 assignments have been handled by me till now and students from all around the world come to get the unique solutions to assignments and homework. My higher qualification and the experience help to provide best in class service to students.

Professional skills

My specialization in Mathematics and finance has helped to manage a good amount of assignments. I am ready to take up challenges of the students and make sure that the work is managed within time.