Kian Gibson

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Hello everyone! I’m Kian Gibson and I’m currently pursuing Ph.D. in Modern Literature from Oxford University. I work here as a Teaching Assistant as well as tutor students who require my help.

Working with academic forum

Apart from my work at Oxford, I also tutor students who seek help regarding their English assignment. Growing up I was amazed by English literature and knew at instance that I was going to pursue it for my higher degrees. It led me to become a teacher as I came to recognize my ability of teaching English.

The idea of teaching was instilled in me when I just started my graduation. Since I was always helping from classmates out with different chapters and topics, I realized I have a knack for it. Also, it helped me to understand that many scholars are out there who requires adequate assistance with their homework.

Working with this community my goal is to offer my expertise to students all over the globe, so that they can perform well in their assignments.

Professional skills

My area of expertise falls under literature of modern era; however, I’m equally knowledgeable about Elizabethan, Jacobean, and Late Renaissance era. Anyone requiring any assistance regarding their paper on any of these topics, I will gladly offer my expertise so that one can easily understand plays and poetry of these ages. Also, if required I can offer great insight into Victorian literature, romanticism period, etc.

Apart from these, scholars can highly benefit from going through my blog which offers information about these period and English literature in general.