Kai Buckley

English Australia


Writing English Relative Clauses Speech Adverbs Adjectives Nouns

Hi, I am Kai and I hail from Australia. Currently I am a teacher in a renowned high school. I majored in English from the University of Australia in the year 2015. My association with Myhomeworkhelp.com is more than three years.

Professional skills:

After I Mastered in English from renowned University, I started pursuing specialisation in English Studies which allowed me to gain a certificate that helped me get attached with a school. My love for this subject has made me learn this with love and I have mastered this language in vocabulary as well as its technical concepts.

Association with Myhomeworkhelp.com

My love for academics has led me to Myhomeworkhelp.com which has not only given me a wide platform to showcase my teaching skills buts also have given me the opportunity to interact with students worldwide. I am well versed with the needs of students and help them in descriptive essays to literary analysis. I am familiar with the standards that is set by various colleges around the country.

I am specially qualified for helping those students who have taken English as their Second Language. With more than two hundred assignments in my career I am still accepting opportunities and challenges and learning from them. My career as an online teacher has helped me gain immense knowledge and understand the thought process of various students while I guide them in their assignments and projects.

Apart from that, my extra-curricular activities lay in painting as well as writing stories and theories in my personal blog.

Haako** ( Australia )

I got a B+ grade in English assignment. Let's see I want to try once again your work. May be the first time your English tutor did not understand my full requirement. If the same grade will come, I will give you none star. Thanks!