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Hello, this is John Hanks!! Completing my Ph.D. degree with the highest rank from University of Texas in Civil Engineering, I am currently working as a freelancer academician with an online portal apart from attending Stanford University as a guest lecturer. With my current scenario, I am looking forward to helping students get a drift of facets of civil engineering.

Professional skills:

From the very inception of my career at University of Texas in civil engineering, I have only looked forth towards achieving not just the highest rank but also ensuring clarity of the concepts. My prime idea from the very beginning was to teach students and help them deal with the practicality of civil engineering in today’s times.

Currently it is my association with American Society of Civil Engineers Publications and Environmental Geotechnics magazines that have enabled me to help cater to students worldwide – a new view towards civil engineering.

I consider myself immensely lucky for my association with since it is that platform that will give a formal chance to ensure that students not just theoretically deal with engineering but know of its practical associations quite well.

Being a topper in my domain, I have had the opportunity to see those students who did take this subject up but not stand by it till the last. For me, my freelance writing as well as my engagement with this portal is a God-gifted opportunity to reach out to students with a specific strategy in mind.

As an online guide, I sincerely hope to provide students the right construction in their civil engineering course and manuals all throughout my engagement with this organisation.

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