Joe Ross

Computer Science Canada


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Hello people, I am Joe Ross. I have done my MBA in Computer Science and Technology from the University of Alberta, Canada. Currently, I work as a Digital & Coding Analyst for a company renowned for its digital marketing dealings, social media marketing and others. I also address the coding requirements of the company.

Occupation/ Designation:

It is quite a few years long now; I am working for 5+ years. I am working in this position for analysing digital platforms and coding for the company’s online presence.

Nowadays, being present online for the target audience is necessary. The works of an organisation are transferred digitally for convenience and safety purpose now. But the proper maintenance of each dealing online is also essential.

In Association with

It’s been quite long now, engaging with such a fruitful platform of learning. It helps students with significant learning perspectives. I majorly concentrate on the topics students ask me for help. I formulate different interactive modules to learn from and propose solutions.

This field of digital market analysing, coding is a large part of computer science and also challenging to understand.

Professional Skills:

I have an expanded knowledge base upon the field. As this area of study requires a certain level of enthusiasm to learn because it’s a continuous upgrading field.

It mainly involves coding and encryption of company’s online data. Then it also focuses on rank the company profile at the top of the list online. And all of this requires broad and detailed learning of available digital topics. So, here I am to help all those who want to specialise in this field of study.

Ellen** ( Canada )

I got A Grade in my computer science assignment. Thanks!