Jessica Jenkins

Civil Engineering Australia


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Hello, this is Jessica Jenkins and I am a Ph.D. scholar scoring first class from University of Melbourne, Australia. My subject was Civil Engineering and presently I work as a freelancer teacher with I am also a guest lecturer at the University of Stanford.

Association with

My attachment with has allowed me to make a place for myself in the academic field. Civil engineering has always been a favourite subject for and I have helped over three hundred students each year through this unique online portal.

Every day I interact with a large number of students who come from various sectors of the world. Their problems, assignments, projects and conference papers are all that I cater to. has given me this opportunity to deal with scholarly students too. I have completed more that two hundred assignments till date and through this platform I am being able to understand my skills and strengths immensely.

I understand that there are a large number of students who could not stand upto the subject till the end owing to its immensity and tough sums. I approach to these students with a different strategy and make them understand the concept well.

Professional skills:

I was also a student of once. They have a group of efficient teachers who eagerly tech concepts and have unique tips and tricks to crack exams too. They are more than teachers and I am too like friend to my students, this makes them approach me with a fresh mind.