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Jennifer Gregory is a research scientist and an academician who helps students with their homework online. She has innovative ways of teaching and also guides students to finish their assignments within a short period of time.

Occupation / Designation:

Hi, I am Jennifer Gregory, an online tutor and a part time research scientist. I have been working with students for quite a long time now. I also have some published articles on industrial engineering and thermodynamics in a few reputed journals. Although I was not a very good student in my earlier academic career but with the help of my dedicated professors I could finally get hold of a PhD degree in mechanical engineering. Helping out students to finish their homework, online, is one of the most fun loving activities of my daily schedule.

Association with

I started working with in 2014! Teaching has always been my first love and I considered it as an opportunity to share my experience and knowledge with the younger generation.

Moreover I also have expertise in analyzing complicated problem sums and finding out easier solutions which the students can utilize to clarify their concepts.

Professional skills:

I have years of teaching experience and expertise in the field of mechanical engineering. Every month I try to write more than 50-60! assignments for helping out students to solve their homework online. In the past few years when I associated with my homework help, I have written around 1200 assignments. My main focus is to help out students to excel in their academic life because they are the future of the country. I am hoping I will continue to guide students till the last day of my teaching career!