Jack Heath

Economics Canada


ISLM Model Demand and Supply Producer Surplus Monopolistic Competition Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility Keynesian Model

Hello, I am Jack Heath. I have completed my studies from McMaster University, Canada. I have completed my MBA in Economics and Market Study for five years. Currently, I am working with a firm which deals in price strategising, economical business decisions and analysing markets all over.


I have started working as an Economist, but now also in as a Market Analyst. Working and is in this field of Economics from a few years now. This particular field sounds easy but is not so, because of the complex market and economic theories.

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I am also working here as an Online Tutor. Also helping out students to understand the problematic aspects and theories of Economics. This particular field demands a lot of patience and commitment to understanding each point of the subject.

It also requires excellent communicating ability, developing models, drawing out conclusions and a lot more. This platform is a great solution media between the students and us all around. I have developed my way of teaching through easy concepts and case studies.

Professional Skills:

Now, at least working for quite a few years and in practice with the economic studies, I can prospectively help out the ones in need.

I have completed 450+ projects and research modules with students. I help learners by drawing out graphs, charts, and other representatives. Developing forecasting models on paper and explaining the same to the curious ones. So, I am here to get the student’s tough work done in a comfortable and presentable way.

Kylie** ( Canada )

Wow! I got 93 marks in economics assignment. Your International Trade and Tariff assistance was outstanding.