Isabella Walters

Mechanical Engineering Canada


Heat Treatment Thermodynamics Flow Singularity Modeling Balancing of Rotating Masses Main Parts of An Airplane Non Destructive Testing

Isabella Walters is a Canadian and from the McGill University she has fulfilled her dream of becoming a successful person in life. As a good student, she graduated from McGill University and further completed the PhD in mechanical engineering from there as well.

Currently she holds a good position in the faculty of the prestigious universities of the world and stays in the hometown.  Around 10 years of experience in the field of teaching gives opportunity to deliver the right kind of knowledge to the students. I have the highest level of expertise in the subject that enables me to handle assignment and homework efficiently.


Along with my knowledge and teaching experience in the field of mechanical engineering give the opportunity to deliver information to students. I am concerned about staying updated with the subject so that students have the opportunity to acquire valuable information and stay advanced with the thorough information. No matter whether the students are assigned with the new topics or not, I am always there to help!

I am well versed with the topics like fluid mechanics, interdisciplinary, aerodynamics, solid mechanics etc. being associated with the teaching field I can handle various assignments. With a good knowledge it is possible for the students to get clarity and gain good grades in exam.

Association with online portal

Over 500 assignments have been managed and being an expert level online tutor it is possible to get the top class quality work from me. My prime objective is to give step by step explanation and then come up with original content.