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Hi this is Isabella Dodd and I am a topper in Chemistry. Passing from The University of Yales with first class degree have allowed me to do Masters degree and later Doctorate in this subject. Currently I am an Associate Professor in a famous College in Australia and have an experience of seven years in my favourite subject.

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Academics have always tempted me to learn new things and Chemistry being a very interesting genre, I always look forward to learn new equations. has given me this opportunity where I interact with students from all round the world. I have been associated with for about five years. Here students, with various topics and assignments come to me and I try to solve them in unique ways. Also, I send them notes and my dissertations which help them in learning the subject better. There are sometimes hard equations and suns which make students muggle up the subject. When they approach me, I make it so easy for them to understand that they just love learning more.

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My motto is to accept new challenges everyday and so I always try to upgrade myself with better surroundings. I am also a columnist in a famous journal where I solve equations for students. Here too, I have received immense love since most of the students belong to

I have completed over five hundred assignments in Chemistry both Organic and Inorganic. This has generated mush confidence and thus made me love my subject and students more!

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