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Hey I am Harvey Hewitt associated with Myhomeworkhlep.com for ten years. I had been topper in my school since childhood and completed my Masters in Computer Science from University of Australia. My genre is Java which is one of the most sought-after subjects in these days. Currently I am the online tutor with Myhomeworokhelp.com for six years.

Association with Myhomeworkhelp.com:

Not only this, I have been a columnist in Huffington Post magazine where I published lots of journals in computer science. This has helped numerous students learn new concepts in Java. Since I am associated with Myhomeworkhelp.com for years, I feel this platform is the best space for students and teachers of all fields to gain immense knowledge in their subjects. Students come to me with their computer projects and assignments.  however hard it seems to be I never step back taking newer challenges.

Professional skills:

After I completed my degree in computer science specializing in Java, I started teaching in many schools and high schools. My dream had always been to help candidates understand and apply the concepts and theories in computer studies. Java being the toughest languages in computer needs proper guidance and thus my dream was to help those students who want to progress in Java system studies.

With more than five hundred assignments in my resume, I am still learning from the younger crowd. They are more of friends than students to me and I never fail to trigger self confidence in them. The best way to support students is by being a student, understanding their problem and providing solutions to them!

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