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Hello, I’m Harvey Abbotta resident of London and I have completed my degree in Statistics from Imperial College London. Presently, I’m working on my Ph.D. and I’m the teaching assistant of this esteemed college.

Being a online teacher

I have always loved sharing information with people and help them be knowledgeable about different topics, which is why I knew I’d go into the teaching profession at an early age. For the last 3 years I have been associated with this online teaching platform which helps scholars to reach out to me if they need assistance with their homework, projects, etc.

Growing up I have observed various scholars struggling with their assignment, which in turn, decreased their grades. Hence, I wanted to help such pupils who require some extra assistance. With a vast knowledge of mine and will to keep myself updated about different statistics’ topics have led me to mentor numerous kid till date.

Through my assistance, I tend to help out people and share knowledge which is the best way to assist students with their work. With my aid, a scholar can pave his way towards a glorious academic career and step into a bright professional life.


I help disciples who struggle with any statistics topic. However, I specialize in probability, descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, correlation and regression, and more. If you ever come across with a statistic assignment dilemma, all you need is to get in touch with me and I’ll offer you an ideal solution for your issues.

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